Starve them?

You might have seen the media the other day 

talking about the benefits of some resistance exercise on everything from blood pressure to bone density to quality of life 

Thing is though…

Energy flows where your attention goes…

^^ read that again 

The thing that holds people back?

They’re attention is one what they used to do or used to believe …

“I have to do a 1 hour workout or it’s pointless” 

^^ so you do nothing 

“Today’s plan gone out of the window”

^^^ forgetting it’s only 3pm and you still have 9 hours of the day to “do your best”

“I’m worried I’ll fail” 

^^ so we focus more on why we will fail to the extent we don’t consider the alternative 

My point? 

To overcome your fears… 


And challenge your limiting beliefs?

We have to starve them … 

What if you did the opposite today?

What if you your response was:

 “wouldn’t it be fun to find out? “

What would be different 3 months, 6 months, 12 months from now?


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