Can I still do it with an injury?


In fact, this is what the Fruci Fit 3Fs are all about…

Focussing on what you can do.

After all, when you do this?

You might just surprise yourself.

With how this impacts how you think, what you believe what you do..

Which just might be the difference between you falling back into that ‘all or nothing’ mindset 

Or getting sustainable results 

Because no matter where you are at?

It is about focussing on what you can do …

From exercising to tone up?

To improve balance and bone density..

And it is not surprising…

Here is a quick summary explaining the probable reasons:

→ Osteoporotic fractures Costs £4 billion per annum in the UK

→ Decline in bone mass happens from 34 and is accelerated by menopause / loss of estrogen 

→ 1 in 2 women will get an osteoporotic fracture whereas just 1 in 5 men will get one

→ 10% of those who have a hip fracture die within 1 month, 33% die within a year 

Now, between the ages of 20-30 years we achieve peak bone mass..

This is something that right now we cannot do much about…

The Good NEWS?…

you can impact what happens NOW..

Osteopenia happens first –a bit like prediabetes is to Type 2 diabetes. 

You can slow or reverse this process by:

1→ Resistance exercising → This helps bone density and has been shown to lower your risks of falls and fractures. Just like muscle, use it or lose it.

2→ Calcium and Vitamin D → Research in Care homes shows that upping dairy portions is protective against falls and fractures 

3→ Vitamin K2 → Seems to be protective for perimenopausal and postmenopausal women BUT NOT MEN. Interesting 

4→ Eating meat? Controversial with much of what the media sometimes say, but data is data. 

A 2020 Study (the EPIC Oxford Study) compared meat eaters, fish eaters, vegetarians, and vegans for fractures. 

They show that for every 1000 people, there are 14.9 more fractures in people following a vegan diet than a meat diet, for every 1000 people there are 2.9 more fractures in fish eaters or vegetarian diets. 

5→ Phytoestrogens → found in soy, for example, may be protective 

Hope this helps 🙂 

Eat your protein, get your calcium, vitamin D, resistance exercise and control what you can (not what you wish you can).


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