How to create more confidence?

So often when we have one to ones at the start of our Kickstart to put together a step by step plan to help you move from A to B 

Something that comes up?

“I want to be more confident”

“I want to some hope to feel like me again”

And one way to understand is to think back to stages in your life 

Or perhaps those around you.

Only recently…

Being with my kids ..

Seeing them sometimes get frustrated with things like riding a bike 

Learning to read words 

I could go on.

But the frustration 

Perceived “failure” 


Is associated with 


Because once they do it?

It gets easier..

And I’ll be honest 

It’s been the same with myself and public speaking 

(I would once call in sick for presentations at university until it became compulsory and I would be red in the face, shaking, with my heartbeat thumping in – what felt like – my mouth)

The more I was forced to do it?

The more people saw this

The more help I got?

The easier it got.

The secret?

I had to take action 

And do it.

So what’s one thing you could do today to increase your confidence ?

Matt “action” Fruci

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