How the Special K diet really works

One of the best quotes I've ever heard has to be:

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Because it gets me to question myself when I'm feeling a bit down, lethargic and sorry for myself. I often ask myself (in front of the mirror and out loud <<< my daughter looks at me weird):

"Will NOT doing [insert thing you know you need to do to get the results you want here] actually make me happier."

And for you, this could be:

* Fitter and Healthier

* Losing unwanted tummy fat

* More confident about the way you look and the clothes you wear

* Learning what foods and exercise give you more energy / help you sleep

* Getting into healthy eating habits that fit your lifestyle so you can stick to it even when you have never ending emails and to do lists, you're eating out with friends, and going away on holiday all-inclusive 🙂

What's this got to do with the Special K diet?

Well, just like the egg diet, the grapefruit diet, and the other detox diets...

This - at the very least - gets you started with some structure and routine. You know exactly what and when to eat. Which means you have fewer decision to make. 

After all, structure gives you some freedom. Freedom to have more time for the never ending to do list, emails, work, hubby, kids, domestic admin...and not to mention YOU!

Now, just before you think that someone has hacked me email and that I'm suggesting that the Special K diet and the grapefruit diet are the SECRET  answer...

I want to share with you, my 2nd favourite quote:

"There is nothing permanent except change."

And - for me- this is where most 'diets' fail.  There's no 'what if' plan. There's no 'exit' strategy to help you keep the weight off (something 93% of us can't do)

And why most ladies that come to me say things like:

* "I've tried everything"

* "What haven't I tried"

* I've been back and forth to Slimming World about 10 times"

Because most diets DON'T consider that you're busy, enjoy having a glass of vino,  eating out, and don't want to spend hours counting points or syns...

They fail because they're a 'diet' <<< which you often associate with smelting you do for 4 weeks before going back to the way you were

Rather than a healthy way of eating which can be adapted to fit YOU lifestyle. 

Because we're all different. 

I'd love to have ONE diet that works for everyone. It would make my job so much easier. 

And that's why - in my opinion - a personalised healthy eating and exercise programme designed for you beats a cookie a cookie cutter diet plan for ditching the baggy clothes for good. 

And why I have you report back to me every week with your progress to help you take control of the the self sabotaging thoughts of why you won't do it because you've failed before and be the best version of you.

Want to try it out for free next week?

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