Why you should stop eating fruit and veg

After all...Fruit and veggies could be CAUSING diabetes....

^^^  If I were a twisted journalist looking to scare you by misinterpreting science to make you even more confused about what's 'good for me' and what's 'not good for me'. The only reason to give up fruit would probably be to make dinner time with the baby a little less messy...

Because what if I told you that we're currently eating more fruit and veg than we were - on average - in the 1970s...Yet we're sicker, flabbier, more wobbly and have higher incidences of Type 2 diabetes than ever before?

Well, a recent study showed just that

But before you go and throw away your veg box, they showed that we're also eating more:

*'healthy' wholegrains and cereals


*Oils and fats

*Meats, fish and eggs

In fact, we're eating more of just about EVERYTHING

^^^ Did you know the average size of bagel today is 24% larger than it was in the 70's?
Combine this with moving less

Combine this with moving less as part of our everyday lives...And your jeans will just be getting that little bit tighter every year
Now, the only thing we're eating less of compared to then?


Which contradicts everything that the 'scientists' at the Daily Mail say about how milk and cheese giving you bingo wings..and even CAUSING diabetes

Moral of this story?

Sugar is not to blame. Fat is not blame. Brexit is not blame (for this, anyway). And - of course- fruit and veggies are not to blame.

Because whether you're back in your favourite clothes this Summer really comes down to your overall intake.

And how do you take control of this without relying on willpower to say no to the chocolate and biscuits?

Improve your daily habits...as they'll eat your good intentions for breakfast.

And through my experience helping hundreds of others tone up?

I can really see the power of support, accountability and putting your 'diet' on autopilot so you don't have to rely waste energy thinking what's healthy, how much and what to eat...

So, if you're ready to ditch the 101 diets and find a healthy way of eating that works for your lifestyle so you can fit back into your old favourite clothes?

You might be interested in my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System.

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PS. I can't make this more simple for you. Most of the ladies using my system just wish they'd started earlier. 

And got away from banning foods, gimmicky eating plans, stopping and starting and never finding a personalised healthy eating plan that fits their lifestyle so you can do it even on your busiest, most stressful day.

Because the feeling you get from having more energy, loving what you see in the mirror, enjoying clothes shopping again, and saying 'YES' to more social events without worrying about what you're going to wear

^^^ as one of the ladies mentioned to me last week....

Isn't just an ego thing. I see so many of the ladies go on to do things that they never thought they'd do. Be it join in with the kids and grandkids, improve their relationships and social life, and even get a new job.

Here's the link to apply for your free week:


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