These fats are great for you but you should probably know more about them

“I eat great. Lean meats, eggs, beans, loads of vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats like olive oils and almond butter.

But I don’t like fish and I’ve heard it's good for you.

What would you recommend?”

^^^ A question I got this week in a strategy meeting with a client.

And from this moment I couldn’t help but notice the:

‘High in omega 3’ statements on foods in the supermarkets

^^^ I’ve seen this on chicken, eggs, liver.

Have you seen it on any other products?

And it’s no wonder the food manufacturers are jumping on the ‘omega 3’ bandwagon.

It’s been ‘approved’ (unlike all those ‘diet’ shakes) to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Plus, other benefits include:

* Reduced blood pressure

* Reduction in depressive symptoms

* Decreased inflammation (could help digestive issues like bloating)

* Reduction in joint stiffness

* Improved memory (I would still advise writing a shopping list)

* Improved muscle recovery (helping you get that toned look)

* Reduction in ADHD symptoms in children

* Potential reduction in risks of diabetes

But there are a few issues here:

“I don’t like fish”

Well, you now have 2 options:

1) Supplement with fish oil, omega 3 (about 1 g per day and no more than 3 g per day), krill oil, or algae supplements (especially good if you are vegan)

2) Choose products with higher omega 3 content

^^^ I saw Chicken ‘fed a diet rich in omega 3’ in Waitrose just yesterday

So, does it matter if you like your oily fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines?


But here’s another issue:

“Is it OK to get my omega 3 from linseeds and flax?” (plant based sources)

Now, in terms of getting the benefits I described above…

The answer is NO.

Because the omega 3 in flax or linseeds is actually different.

It has to be converted to the form found in oily fish.

And unfortunately, our body does not do this very well at all.

So you won’t get the same benefits taking flax oil than you will from oily fish…

^^^ yep, those overpriced seeds in the health foods isle may not be as ‘super’ as you think.

“But what about if I eat loads of ‘healthy’ fats like avocados, olive oils, and nuts anyway?”

Well, that’s great.

But, you are likely to be high in omega 6 (which are more PRO inflammatory fats…but still needed by the body).

In fact, the average diet today is ‘too high’ in omega 6 compared to omega 3.

^^^ Particularly with the increased use of vegetables oils for cooking and reduction in fish intake.

And fixing this imbalanced ratio COULD help to overcome several inflammatory issues.

So, is that you are allergic to kidney beans, wheat, gluten, dairy, brazil nuts, and tomatoes

^^^ As a kinesiologist told one of my clients by touching their hair…(which reminds me about a time I was asked whether I’d like to promote a product which was basically tea…claiming it could cure all sorts of stuff…more on that another day).

It may just be as simple as optimising your nutrient intakes and developing a bespoke nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle (so you can stick to it…and not waste a load of money and time on…a cup of tea).

Just like we do on my body transformation programme.


PS. Will tea and coffee soon have omega 3 in it?

PPS. I'm off to prepare my coffee (and homemade pancakes....recipe to come, don't worry) for the Dragon Boat Race today. Wish me luck!

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