“I don’t have time”

“Matt, good luck with the sleepless nights”

“Matt, you won’t be able to eat that anymore” (referring to me eating a homemade Roast chicken stir fry in a lunchbox…which was actually LEFTOVERS…)

^^^ And I get that priorities change…

You put bambino first, of course

This takes time out of my day. 


There’s 168 hours in a week.

Let’s say you work 8 hours a day, 5 days per week. <<< 40 hours

I’ll throw in 1 hour travel time each day <<< 45 hours

Child care? I often hear 30 hours per week from members on my body transformation programmes (if not full time mums…which would obviously increase the hours here and decrease working hours) <<< 75 hours

You say you don’t sleep much, but we’ll say you get 7 hours per night <<< 124 hours

Cleaning, tidying, cooking and shopping? Let’s say 21 hours a week (3 hours a day) <<< 145 hours

168 – 145 = 23 hours in a week to spare!

Now, of course

Your schedule may be a different. 

So please do this exercise yourself

you may be surprised at just how much time is ‘wasted’

Where do this time go?

I shocked myself when I did this.

You start to think about those 23 hours or so you have to spare.


Looking for lost items

Holding grudges


So, what if I asked you this:

Out of those 23 hours you have spare, could you dedicate just 3 hours a week to some form of exercising (that would leave you with 20 hours spare)?

On top of this, I’m going to give YOU some time back.

^^^ No, I haven’t got a time machine (yet)

But what I do have may be of interest to you…

* Access to my online members-only area so you know exactly how which types of foods and meals you can make to save you time, give you more energy, and help you feel start a nutritional strategy that you can actually stick to

* The ability to build your own meal plan with the foods and meals you like eating in the members-only area so you can save time and money on with the cooking and shopping and spend more time with the people you love (or watching reading the Daily Mail and sipping a Costa)

 * Access to me via email for any questions and guidance to guarantee you don’t lose motivation (Plus, access to the Female Fat Loss Mastery Inner Circle Accountability Group to guarantee you do the work that will force your body to change shape)

 * A weekly VIP private female weight loss seminar on topics such as, when to eat to lose weight, how to eat more and still lose weight, and how to set your diet up to ditch the bloating and learn which foods may be impacting your digestion

*  1 x monthly Body and Mindset Transformation 1-to-1 Meeting to help you adapt your diet and lifestyle habits and break through stubborn periods of fat loss.

* 4 x weekly coaching sessions at St Mary’s Church Hall 130pm-215pm to boost your fitness, increase muscle tone and help you fit your clothes better.

* Education throughout so that you are empowered to understand the ‘why’ about your nutrition, have the confidence and knowledge to make better-informed decisions and learn exactly how you can eat out and enjoy social situations without piling the weight back on.


You may want to get a wiggle on (like you did on Saturday night ;-))

Because applications for the FREE 7-day trial on my Female Fat Loss Mastery Programme close on Sunday 15th January.

Apply here: https://frucifit.com/fatlossmastery/

Matt ‘no time’ Fruci

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