So that I’m happier 

Quite often when having our one to one meetings at the start of our Kickstart (reply with “summer” and I’ll get you the details)

It’ll come back down to how achieving our goal

Will make us “happy”.

The thing about happiness?

It’s an emotion that goes up and down…

And something that we do have an element of control of.

After all, how often do you play down achievements in your life?

Perhaps due to a worry of jinxing things?

( I think we have all said something like “It hasn’t rained in so long” and then the Heavens open 😂 )

Perhaps due to a worry of making others feel bad?

But here’s the thing 

What is the more you celebrate your win

The more likely you are to also help inspire others to see their wins?

It was only the other day that one of the ladies mentioned how in Week 3 their muscles felt so much more comfortable than in Week 1.

Which led to one of the other ladies saying how good that us to know that others also felt like that in Week 1.

And this is why I ask every, single week:

“No matter how big or small, what were your 3 most significant wins this week”

Because energy flows where your attention goes .

Here are some wins from just last week

Had a rubbish week?

What was the best part of your “rubbish” week?


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