Nervous about first session?

“I’m nervous about my first session”

I get this a lot.

I mean, most of the ladies have experiences of gyms 

That they would rather forget.


Thinking everyone is looking at them

20 year olds lifting weights 

Feeling intimidated. 

I get it …

But we do things a lot differently to a commercial gym.

We are able to personalise it for you

Whether you have a aches, pains, or join issues


If you haven’t exercised for a while

And not sure where to start / don’t have the motivation to do the things you know you need to do .

Don’t take my word for it though

But I want you to remember 2 things :

  1. if you’re worried about others being fitter than you, remember they probably just started before you. So isn’t that exciting? As if you follow the same blueprint? You’ll get fitter too💪
  2.  It’s trial and error – we have many styles of workouts at Fruci Fit. It’s a like a big toolbox, whether it’s stretch, yoga, muscle strength, Pilates, tai chi or  cardio…it’s the DOING which will dictate what works best for you 

Matt “nervous” Fruci

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