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Bloating and comfort eating

I think most of us have been here..

Yet every time we do it

We beat ourselves up like it’s only us that struggle with it..


Just confirming that it’s never really ‘the thing’ that’s the issue

But your thoughts about ‘the thing’…

I’m talking about

Sitting on an evening 

Debating whether we’re hungry / just want something to nibble on …

Maybe to help relax 

Maybe to unwind…

Provide some comfort after a long day / week

Or even celebrate / commiserate…

We go in for one cheesey biscuit..

It hits the spot..

Feels pretty good…

And all we’re then thinking about is whether we should have just ‘one more’…

We go in for one more…

Then beat ourselves up..

And then it can often be demolition mode…


Feelings of bloating..


And all from something we call

‘Comfort eating’..

Interesting, right?

And I get this is difficult.

I battled with an eating disorder in my teens…

And the thing with our eating habits

are that that they can be engrained for years…

Maybe from childhood..

So to think we can change these overnight…

Might be the issue in itself..

leading us to fall into our old dieting mindset

Of all or nothing..

Where if we do ever end up comfort eating

We have failed.

Feel disappointed and just do it even more…

(‘what’s the point, I’ve already ruined my day’)…

There is no ONE secret to this..


What I will share

Are two simple things that might help

1) The language you use

Can have a big impact on what you do..

For example, 

We call it ‘comfort’ eating 

Yet, pretty much every time you do it

You feel bloated, annoyed, disappointed…


In ‘DIScomfort’???

Why not call it ‘discomfort eating’?


Have a journal handy out on the side (perhaps by your fridge / cupboard)

Where you can answer these questions:

A) How do you feel right now?

B) What food have you eaten?

C) How do you feel now?

D) Are you satisfied? If no, what would have satisfied you?

The power is in question D

Because you might just find that no amount of food would ever have satisfied you…

This leads me on to point 2…

2) Replace the trigger…

If 7pm is the time when you feel most vulnerable…

Sat down for the first time

Thinking about food


Rather than just focussing on NOT doing it..

What can you replace it with?

I WILL have a bath at 7pm

I WILL go for a walk at 7pm

I WILL read a book at 7pm

I WILL take some time out using an app like Calm, Insight Timer, or HeadSpace

I WILL call a friend at 7pm

Whatever it is…

Where your attention goes, energy flows…

And I know you’re thinking this might sound simple..

And it won’t work..

But the only way to know for sure

Is by doing it..

And even if you improve by 1% today?

Think where you’ll be a year from now…

And, sure

It would be nice to change things quicker

And slow progress can make motivation hard…

But I’m pretty sure that’s not as hard

As staying the same…

Matt ‘Discomfort eater’ Fruci