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So I got in late Wednesday night…

Having just had a conversation with the one the ladies

About how easy it is in the morning

When you ‘put your car to bed’…

And put a sheet over it.

Saves scraping the car in the morning..

In the cold…

Makes life that bit easier..

Especially at a time when you’re often rushing around.

(or trying to get to our early morning session)

And it’s interesting

Because despite this conversation.

I could NOT be bothered to ‘put my car to bed’..

The thing is..

When I was scraping my car before our early morning 615am Session…

I thought back to that conversation the night before..

And almost laughed..

At the fact I was basically saying

That I could not be bothered to save time in the morning..

Crazy, right?


Also has consequences

That just don’t seem so obvious at the time…

And it reminded me of what I say sometimes about exercise and meditation.

Like, some days

When I’m super busy..

I catch myself saying “I can’t be bothered to…


deep breath, 

have a nap


^^^ all things that give me MORE energy…

So, essentially…

I am saying I cannot be bothered to get more energy…

^^^ Which when I say aloud, does make me laugh at myself…

More energy that helps me

Become a better Dad

Have more patience 

Feel more confident

Do more of the things I want to do 

Handle stress and problems better…

Because you WILL encounter problems along the way

Of ANY journey.

Getting fitter

Losing fat

Keeping it off

Overcoming comfort eating



It won’t always be plain sailing

But the cool thing?

It doesn’t have to be perfect..

In fact, trying to be ‘perfect’

Just results in procrastination…

And you putting off getting ANY results.

And staying exactly the same..

As the saying goes:

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Because once you start?

That’s when you build momentum, positive healthy habits

Build confidence that you can do this

And you might even surprise a few friends and family 

(as some of the ladies have mentioned with their other half and friends who can’t believe how different they are)

And I’ll finish with another one:

“People often say motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily.”

And it doesn’t mean you have to do it all every day..

Just move in the right direction

Even by 1%..

And this is what our Train For Free December offer is all about

Getting 1% fitter


Kickstarting good, healthy habits

And doing it at a time 

Where if you can do it now?

You can take the confidence to  be able to do forever…

Which is what a sustainable transformation is all about…

Want more info?

Reply with ‘Devizes’, ‘Marlborough’, or ‘Burbage’ 

And I’ll get you the details on our December and January programmes..

Matt ‘scraping his car’ Fruci