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‘I don’t ever feel starved’ (Message from Hannah)

So I shared a review from one of the awesome ladies inside our Fit For Life Programme, Caroline, last week

And got this message back from Hannah (another one of the ladies inside our Fit For Life Programme):

“Here here Matt! I thought I was the exception especially as I only lost a couple of pounds the first month.

 I kept going because within the first week the exercise made me feel better, also the effort you put in is a huge encouragement when you are feeling discouraged. 

Now I understand that this is a long term venture, so different from other ways of losing weight which were quick fixes. 

And it doesn’t matter because every month I feel a bit lighter and stronger.

I’m no longer in a hurry and it all seems very easy to live with. The protein keeps my energy levels up and I don’t ever feel ‘starved’.

So thank you very much and keep up the good work!”

Well done, Hannah (and Caroline)…

Small, powerful shifts in their mindset have allowed them to focus on how they WANT to feel…

Rather than a number on the scales…

Questioning your metabolism and willpower…

And the most amazing part?

Most of the ladies that come to us will say things like:

“I don’t have much time so not sure if I can do this”

“I feel overwhelmed”

“I’m not sure I’m fit enough to start”

“It took so much energy to lose weight before”

And these are all great questions…

But the truth is..

This is your journey..


You do not HAVE to do anything..

So my questions back to you?

“How could you possibly fit this in to your lifestyle?”

^^ one of the ladies started off with 5 minute workouts from home…by the second week, she did 3 sessions with us in a week…

“What could you possible do to become less overwhelmed?”

^^^ one of the ladies just started with planning her meals using our nutrition system for the next day which does your shopping list and meal plan for you based on what you like…DONE!

“What would have to happen for you to be able to feel you are fit enough?”

^^^ one of the ladies came to watch one of the sessions…the 2 months later? She does 3 a week…at 7am in the dark and cold!!!

“What would have to happen for it to feel like it is not too much effort?”

^^ This is where we set you workouts and meal plans you CAN do fit for your lifestyle…

My point?

This isn’t some cookie-cutter plan…

This is about me asking you

Exactly what you  need help with

And us putting a plan together for you…

(even if you have social events, a sweet tooth and no willpower…)

This is where our  January Kickstart programme comes in which is opening up next week…

I will be running an advert for this and it’s the time of year where everyone wants to get fit 

So if you want more info on this (or know someone who may be interested)

Just message me with ‘January’ and I’ll get you the details.