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Snacking on autopilot?

So the other day 

When talking to my 3 year old daughter 

I noticed how much she says “so…”

Before she’s about to suggest something / explain something / ask something…

And it got me thinking “where does she get that from?”…

Well, all I need to do is listen to how I talk

And what I say…

I just sent to say “so” on autopilot..

So, this also got me thinking about just how much they watch your every move and copy you…

^^^ see what I did there 😉 I’m now more aware of it as my attention is on it

Whether we like it or not

We are role models to kids / grandkids.

We can tell them to eat their fruit and veg…

But “this is adult food and drink” doesn’t always cut it 😉 

But this all reminded me about snacking..

In our kickstart one to ones 

(This is where we put together your starting plan)

One thing that often comes up is nighttime / late afternoon snacking. 

Many will say that if feels like it’s on “autopilot”

As if they do it and then think “why did I just do that?”

So (there’s that “so” again)

I wanted to share a few things that some of the ladies have done to help get in CONTROL

Of their snacking habits.

They might surprise you. 

  1. Drink a glass of water before snacking then give yourself permission to snack 
  2. Have 6 protein portions handy and make it convenient 
  3. Have 3 meals a day rather than grazing —> eating breakfast may help with nighttime eating, especially if you’re starving yourself all day and then feel like you have no willpower in the evening 
  4. Every time you walk under a door frame…take a deep breath in today (4 seconds in, 6 out). Notice how you feel. How present you feel.
  5. Only eat when sat down

These are just a few of the things we shared in our seminar last week for the ladies on triggers to help you create new habits.

Tonight we also have Dr Adam Bibbey coming in to talk about using music to help with this (I can’t wait)…

But none this is a quick fix

Some of these habits would have been entrained foe years. 

But progress is progress, no matter how small 

And remember that although it might not feel that it is adding up 

Even 0.5lbs weight loss a week is nearly 2 stone in a year….

You might feel like 2 stone is hard to lose

But could you lose 0.5lbs 52 times?

Just a quick example to show you that small habits add up.

Like they are for Sandea, who put her attention on the habits she’s installed:

Overall I feel that I am in control of my food which I never thought I would be able to say. 

Before I started This programme I felt I was almost addicted to food, always thinking about food and always snacking. Now I can chose what I eat, planning certainly helps and having protein snacks easily available is the key. 

Yes, I still eat biscuits and some other bits but I know I can stick to this, just need to be patient with the weight loss and yes, overall I am loosing. Exercise is next thing to crack 

Anyway we have 6 spaces left for our 28 Day Kickstart starting from 28th September 

Which you can do from home, or with us in person in Marlborough or Devizes…

Want more info?

Just message me with “28 day” and I’ll get you the details 

Matt “so” Fruci