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2 years already..

So, yesterday was my youngest daughter’s 2nd birthday.

Doesn’t time fly, ay? It only feels like yesterday that I was sat in the birthing suite 

sipping my 13th coffee whilst rubbing Mrs Fruci’s back

 when our first was born…

And it’s a reminder of just how precious time really is. 

After all, there’s no argument that time is ONE resource that’s truly scarce in today’s crazy world.

So what can we do to not only live longer, but live longer with good health?

Well, researchers interviewed people aged between 90-100 years

Not only did they find that their mental health statuses were 5 times better than those in their 50s….

But they also found that they:

1)  Had a good work ethic

2) A strong family bond

3) Positive thinking

4) Had a tendency to CONTROL

The researchers said they had:

a “tendency to control the environment”

Which seems to be a

 “desirable trait as they are true to their convictions and care less about what others think.”

and my question to you is this:

Where do you need to focus more on what you can control?

You see, if you ask someone how their day has been…

I can guarantee they talk about things out of their control: The weather, traffic, road works, emails, work, car broken down, potential lockdowns…

And we all do it.

Me included.

I mean, of course I don’t want there to be a lockdown..

We are having great fun bringing back some in-person sessions to go along our home workouts.

But if it happens?

It happens for a reason.

So be it, you can do everything from home as we did during lockdown and are many of the ladies right now.

I can’t control that. 

Thing is..

We stress about the things we can’t control. Waste all of our energy there. 

And end up having no energy or willpower to control the things we CAN control…

Your food, exercise habits, thoughts about how you look / feel, confidence in yourself, patience with loved ones…

Which is crazy, right?
And with our life expectancy in the UK now plateauing between 79 and 82 years of age…

I want you to do this one task for me:

1) Take a piece of squared paper (or an Excel document)

2) I now want you to colour in a square for every year you’ve been alive (example: If you’re 50, colour in 50 squares)

3) Now, put a black mark next to the 82nd square.

4) Look at the gap between the colours and the black mark on the 82nd square…because – on average – that’s how long you have left…

And considering that?

think about what you’re currently scared of doing? Fearing failure. 

Is it the thing you’re avoiding because you think others will judge you? <<< most of the ladies tell me how anxious they feel about their first session and our one to one. It’s normal. But it’s never as bad as you think.

The clothes you want to wear again but don’t have the confidence?

the job you want to go for?

The energy you want to have?

Why am I telling you this?

Because I don’t want you to have any regrets. 

You see, it wasn’t just my daughters birthday which sparked this today..

I had a chat with someone yesterday who mentioned that since their health scare.

They have taken their health so much more seriously.

I guess it just reminded me of how precious life is.

And how quickly life can change …

I promised myself a few years after my mum passed away when I was 12…

That I would keep the thought of how precious life is in my head…

But the truth is.

it sometimes takes something to remind me of it…

but the positive thing about it?

It makes me take action …

And do the things I really want to do

Rather than the things that ‘protect me’..

Protect me from fear and change…

Tangent over ☺

Life is precious..

Make the most of it..

Off to the park with the kids this morning after our early morning sessions .

Matt ‘Make it a great day” Fruci