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it’s too hard and I feel like I have a huge mountain to climb

So I had a chat with one of the ladies yesterday.

She’s done great. 

And made a huge first step

In starting to exercise. 


Even with the above..

She still felt like she had such a mountain to climb..

Almost such a mountain 

That it seemed like there was no point..

That today’s workout wouldn’t make a difference.

That eating healthy today wouldn’t make a difference…

I mean, what if you did the above and still “failed”?

And I am sharing this with you as

We quickly switched this after chatting.

And I’m sharing this today so that 

1 – You can see that how you feel today isn’t how you have to feel tomorrow. She quickly realised that by starting to exercise that she was now on the mountain and could actually look down (and enjoy the view)

2 – You can see this is a normal part of the habit change process and it is not just you that sometimes feels like you cannot do it / you are too unfit / you have no willpower / you are scared of failing 

3- If you are stressed, tired or biased with the facts you’re using to define your susccess…you will Overexaggerate the lows and Underexaggerate the highs

^^ read that again…and consider what you would say to your best friend in a similar position to you? That is probably the best advice you can take

And no matter how hard it feels today to make a small change….ask yourself:

“Hard compared to what?”

Because as hard as it is to change…

Is it harder than staying the same?

And only you can make that choice…

Something I have done today to help me realise what ‘hard’ actually means..

Is writing down what I am grateful for today:

  1. House over my head
  2. Amazing job that never feels like a job
  3. My health – because nothing actually matters with that, the weather, work etc

And this way…

You have a choice to be happy.

Control what you can, not what you think you can!

Anyway, we’ve just released 8 spaces for our 28 Day Kickstart Programme for ladies 40+ who pretty much know what to do but need the plan and motivation to do it.

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Matt “choices” Fruci