The slow road OR the fast, Rocky Road?

It's a Rocky Road, this weight loss stuff.

I’ll be honest with you. It’s not always easy, especially when you're being told that butter is bad one minute and good the next...and now? that you need to put a whole avocado in a slice of toast to be healthy...Oh, and drink juices. 

Unless - of course - you decide to swap the slow, frustrating road for the FAST, ‘Rocky Road’...Build a diet you can stick to even on your worst day and CHOOSE to enjoy the many WINs..every, single day

^^^ Where you throw away your baggy clothes and get comments from the hubby about the muscles on the back of your arms...

Which is just one of the simple little habits I'll be showing you in my FREE online training event HERE

But speaking of the FAST Rocky Road ahead for us all

I’ve got a ‘no bake’ Rocky Road recipe for you.

Which is a bit of treat, if I’m honest.

I use it myself along with many members on my Tone Up body transformation programmes to:

* Satisfy your sweet tooth

* Impress guests..especially now it's Christmas (yep, I said it...)

* Give you a little boost before your exercise (an easy go-to snack for when you don’t want anything too heavy…which is probably when you’d opt for the Milk choc buttons…)

* Something to look forward to on an evening that stops you eating out of a packet (or getting the £1 chocolate bar on your way home...)

Ingredients (makes 12 squares):

* 70 g coconut oil
* 30 g butter
* 60 g chocolate whey protein
* 25 g marshmallows (yes, I did say can skip these if you like)
* 30 g honey (yes, honey is SUGAR despite what Davina McCall says…)
* 40 g cocoa powder
* 40 g dried goji berries (or similar dried fruit)
* 28 g almonds or hazelnuts (chopped or crushed)


* Melt the coconut oil and butter in a bowl over a low heat.
* Add the whey, cocoa and honey and mix together – I dare you not to lick the spoon (it will look like melted chocolate, only nicer…)
*Throw in all the additions (goji berries, marshmallows, nuts).
* Pour mixture into a pan or plate and DIVIDE INTO 12 SQUARES then freeze for about 1 hour.
* Store in the fridge (but does also keep well if on-the-go…unless you’re off somewhere hot like Marlborough)  and enjoy 

Nutrition (Per square):

10g fat
6g carbs
5 g protein

138 calories 

Which provides FEWER calories than ONE serving of ‘healthy’ seeds from the ‘healthy’ counter in Aldi

And I’m not knocking seeds, at all. But as a member in my Tone Up Programme mentioned last week:

‘”I’d be more likely to overeat on the seeds because you feel like they’re healthy and innocent”

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