Dieting Lessons From Your Poo(h)

"How's Ottilie (referring to our 9 month old daughter)? What she been doing? Done a poo today?"

It's becoming an ongoing joke between me and Mrs Ottilie's bowels is probably up their with Teletubbies, Mr Tumble and Winnie the Pooh as the most talked about things in the Fruci household right now. Even the in-laws have subscribed to get the latest pooh gossip...

I'm wondering at what point it becomes the norm to stop asking about whether she's done a poo today?  When does it become weird? 

Or are we missing something? Will it actually be the norm VERY SOON?

Well, researchers recently found that having a certain type of gut bacteria could determine whether following the guidelines and 'eating more fruit, veggies and wholegrains' will help you lose weight. 

They found that in those with this gut bacteria, people lost 3.5kg MORE when eating a diet higher in fruit, veggies and whlolegrains over 26 weeks. 

However, despite eating the same diet higher in wholegrains, fruits and veggies,, those without the gut bacteria didn't see any weight loss advantage than they did from following a 'standard diet' (lower in fibre, fruits and veggies)..

The researchers have called for a more personalised approach to nutrition rather than a 'one size fits all' approach...

And I couldn't agree more with this..

But(t) I do disagree with some of this. Because if you don't have this gut bacteria, what are they telling you to do? Nothing? Sit there and be patient and wait even longer before shedding your unwanted body fat? 

And luckily for you, I'm going to be revealing how you can go about seeing what works for YOU so you can fit back into your favourite clothes without assessing your poo or spending hours in a gym in my FREE online training event:'How Busy Wiltshire Ladies Are 

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I really don't want you to miss this FREE opportunity to help you ditch the baggy clothes for good.

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