Why most slimming programmes fail…

You know the fad diets I mean. The ones who promise the '8-hour diet', 'the slim sexy body', and 'lean sexy legs'...but don't consider that SOMETIMES life just gets in the way and you can't stick to this 'ideal world' plan...

You’re a bit tired and stressed thinking about all of the jobs you have to do (even on a Sunday)...Domestic admin, shopping, and playing the role of Chef Ramsay in the kitchen to keep the family happy (minus the other F word, of course)…

You see, everyone wants a piece of you. 

And because you care…you let everyone else dictate your day. We’re reactive rather than proactive. You’re preparing all of the meals for your family, making sure they are all fuelled up for the day.


You’re settling for a ham sandwich (nothing against a ham sandwich)...And picking at the biscuits left on the side (whilst blaming willpower and wondering how people curb their sugar and cake cravings…which I’ll come on to soon!)

And there’s no time left for YOU 

^^^ Which makes picking at biscuits even more COMFORTING

Let alone time for exercise. Because after all, the DVDs and commercial gyms are telling us we need to go ‘BEAST’ mode for hours upon hours...


You won’t get in the ‘fat burning zone’ (whatever that means…)

And it's for THIS reason that you’re not burning FAT FASTER

Because that 1 hour of BEAST mode that you’re told to do becomes so daunting…

You don’t do it...EVER. Because I get that you’re busy, which makes this exercise stuff EVEN easier to put it off.

So, I was in a strategy meeting with a member using my Super Simple Tone Up System

She decided to commit to 15 minutes in the morning three times per week and attend one session with me once per week. 

^^^ This could be done after brushing your teeth (so you remember) and then whilst waiting for dinner to cook (rather than picking at the biscuits <<< you could say it's 2 birds with one stone, right?). This would total 1.5 hours per week of exercise MORE than she was doing last week...

But there’s more:

How much effort are you going to put in to a 15 minute workout compared to a 1 hour beats mode workout?

For me, the thought of doing something for one hour means I’ll hold back a bit…

But for 15 minutes?

I might just work a bit harder (it’s only 15 minutes after all)

******PING!****** (that’s the sound of dinner being ready)

^^^ I’m not saying eat microwave meals…

So, dinners now ready…


You’ve done your exercise 

Without having to travel to the gym, feel intimidated by guys throwing dumbbells around the gym, or take a few MORE hours out of your day that you just don't have spare...

Which will probably mean that you don’t ‘over reward’ yourself for doing the deed (AKA exercise)

Because it fits with your lifestyle.

It complements your diet and you know the type of exercises to do to help you get lean and feel more confident in your favourite clothes.

After all the best diet in the world is the one you DO...

But a better diet?

Is the diet you do without actually knowing you're even doing it...

^^^ Food for thought. Maybe that was the wrong saying to use. Because now you're thinking about food. oooops! It's why I don't call foods 'good', 'bad', or 'syns' in my Tone Up System...

In fact, I'd like you to give yourself permission to eat whatever food you like.

After all, those who've lost weight and kept it off?

Don't restrict foods. They seem to have 'unwritten' rules. Like: "I just choose ONE pudding at the buffet..."

That's all I got for you today.

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