‘I wish I needed one of them’

"I wish I needed one of them"

My 9 month old daughter's Great Grandad said to her as she chewed on her 'teething' toy. 

It reminded me about how although there are TERRIBLE things that happen in the world, you can always find some good if you look hard enough. 

It all depends on the emotional charge that you choose to put on the 'thing'...

You see, for some ladies using my Tone Up System, it's a real mindset Shift for them to know that they CAN eat a bacon sandwich and STILL lose weight and tone up..


Because the dodgy salespeople selling detox slimming shakes would tell you that you've failed if you don't have their supplement for lunch and that a bacon sandwich is 'bad'...

Which meant that you'd put a NEGATIVE charge on the bacon sandwich. Adopt the 'F it' mindset and drift off into the self sabotage 'I can't do this' / 'what's the point?' way of thinking.

and all of a sudden...you've made your through a bottle of wine, a tube of crisps and packet of biscuits. 

My point?

Is it the bacon sandwich that makes us fat or is it the emotional charge we put on it that dictates what you do next and the RESULTS you get?

Because here's the thing. What if next time you didn't have the 'perfect' day (which doesn't really exist by the way), you delayed your 'panic' for say, 3 days time? 

Gave yourself permission to self sabotage and push the panic button in 3 days time if the 'thing' that's stressing you out was STILL p!55!ng you off in 3 days time?

Directed the emotional energy you'd normally spend beating yourself up about the 'thing' into finding a breakthrough? 

Built up your confidence to know that you CAN have a bacon sandwich or - as one member using my Tone Up System recently did - have your Egg McMuffin and STILL ditch the love handles and tone up?

Can you see what happened here?

She flipped the flaws in her way of thinking from 'I've failed as I haven't done it perfectly so I may as well give up' to a 'half assed is better than no assed' approach...

Which pretty much sums up my Tone Up System.

And it just so happens that I have a Tone Up Challenge starting VERY soon that will give you a FREE all-access pass to my Tone Up System.

To learn more, all you need to do is click the link below:


Matt 'teething problems?' Fruci
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