8 Ways To Trick Yourself Slim

“I can’t imagine you doing that.”

^^ was the response I got from a member using my Tone Up System the other day when I mentioned that I get a bit irritable at the smallest things (like when Mrs Fruci moves the nappies) when I’m tired, hungry or haven’t put me first. 

You see, I’m nothing special or any different. I struggle to have the willpower to floss my teeth twice a day, feel myself getting annoyed in traffic or when cars are trying to park in Marlborough high street, and I’m a sucker for anything with peanut butter in it (once I pop...I literally pop!!)


I’ve found 8 SIMPLE little hacks that help to make life easier, so I can make less decisions, free up some willpower and enjoy more “me” time:

1* Keep floss by your toothbrush to show you the power of your environment and HABITs (which will dictate what you do on autopilot and help you make better informed more intelligent decisions…)

2* Only keep a fruit bowl out on the side (if anything).

3* Fill your petrol up when it’s 1/2 or 3/4 full as when it’s nearly empty you’re nearly ALWAYS in a rush.

4* Do your shopping AFTER you’ve eaten. Do your weekend shop and perhaps structure in an online shop for, say, Thursday when you are running low?

5* If you’re stressed and feel like you need a minute to yourself, go drive through the Marlborough high street or go on M4 in rush hour and take a minute (or 30) to breathe and relax. 4 seconds breath in, 6 out…

6* If you’re stuck in traffic, you have two choices. STRESS and be annoyed at the traffic, waste a load of energy that could be spent on you and your family OR use it to listen to some good music. After all, you are still going to get to where you need to go at the same time either way

7* If you feel like you need your 4th coffee of the day? Move. Go for a walk. Get some fresh air. Park your car furthest away in the car park at the very least.

8* If you’re wondering if you’re hungry and find yourself looking at the crisps and chocolate with your hand in them, wondering what you are doing? Go send a really nice message to someone who maybe you haven’t spoken to for a while.. OR put £10 in a loved ones savings account..

That’s all I’ve got for you...

Because despite what they tell about 'bad' foods, carbs, superfoods, and avocado on toast , this toning up game doesn't have to be so complicated...

Which is why I created my simplified Tone Up System in the first place...

Matt '1 > 0' Fruci
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently And Get Their Bodies Back for Good

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