Should I start in December?

“Should I start in December?”

“Should I start after Christmas and my holiday?”

A few questions I’ve had this week…

And truth is, it is entirely up to you…

But the interesting thing?

Christmas and around holidays can actually be the best time to start making positive changes.


​​​​​​​​Well, the obstacles that come up…

Eating out


Surrounded by food…and temptations…(draining willpower)

Lack of time

Are some of the BIGGEST obstacles that most of the ladies I work with face ​…

So if you can come up with some strategies and tactics to help limit the damage whilst still enjoying yourself now with a flexible plan?

When can’t you do it?

And I’m not saying to necessarily try to lose weight during this time..

But what if you just stayed the same?

Stopped the scales going up?

Added some short fitness to your routine?

Tried some mindful eating practices?​​
Accepted where you are now, the fact that you want to enjoy your time with loves ones this Christmas and – on some occasions – eat a bit too much..without thinking ‘well, might as well eat everything in the house so nothing is left on January 1st?

So I guess you could say that ‘now’ is always the best time to start…


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