How To Deal With Overwhelm

One of the most common things I hear from the ladies I work with or just get questions from

is how all this health, fitness and diet stuff is so confusing and overwhelming at times

overwhelmed with all the things they have to (BIIIIG to do lists..)

overwhelmed by everything they’re expected to be (social media)

overwhelmed by fitting it all in with all of the responsibilities with family, work and LIFE they already have. 

and I get it

I still struggle with all of this today. AKA finding that balance. 

big to do lists to do

making sure dinner is sorted

Daddy day care​​

Not to mention actually spending time with your loved ones…

And I could go on​​

And all this stress,  pressure, expectations..

Can result in us resenting things / loved ones or doing things we don’t mean…​​

stomping around the house in a huff (like a teenager)

Thinking that something / someone is a nuisance just because they asked something of you whilst your mind is elsewhere. 

Triggering those ‘f*ck it’ moments….

all because of overwhelm…

But you know the one thing that might help you with this?

Reminding yourself that….​​

IT’S ONLY YOUR THOUGHTS about things that cause overwhelm… NOT the thing itself

powerful right? ^^^

(Dealing with and re-programming your thoughts is a CRITICAL part of what you’ll learn in our Fit For Life coaching programme)

Matt ‘underwhelmed’ Fruci​​

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