Should I do the 800 calorie diet?

“What are your thoughts on the 800 calorie diet?”

So, I did a video this morning explaining this here: 

In essence, the 800 calorie diet is fine, key things to consider:

  1. Why do you want to do it? Are you really motivated by something? For example, when I world in the NHS and Public Health in Diabetes, we saw people doing it alot, some of which were soooo motivated they had no issues sticking to it as the thought of certain medications were scaring them… 
  2. Are you eating quality nutrients within the 800 calories, e.g. veggies, fruit, veg and lots of protein? 
  3. Short term, you are unlikely to get any deficiencies especially if you focus on good quality nutrition as per point 1 above
  4. Remember, people have lots of stored energy (fat) and the 800 calorie diet is well researched to be successful for SOME people WITH support from people like us at Fruci Fit (e.g Nutritionists and coaches) and dietitians. 
  5. Some people actually find it easier to diet on lower calories as it forces them to plan and have fewer choices …
  6. Many people aim for 800 calories but don’t actually hit 800 calories. Rather they are more likely hitting1000 calories, if not more. Then throw in the odd social event and weekend and their average is probably around 1300 calories a week…

One thing that is key:

have a target date where you assess how you are getting on. e.g. after 2-4 weeks:

  1. What are my results? How much have I lost? Measurements? 
  2. Am I finding this easy to stick to?
  3. Do I need to lose much more?
  4. Am I hungry and struggling to stick to it?
  5. Am I trying to stick to it but then always failing and then thinking F it, binge and start again tomorrow (in this case, a higher calorie target is always better) 

It may then be that we suggest you add in another higher calorie days

e.g. rather than 800 calories every day. Do 5 days 800 and 2 days 1300 calories. 

You can then start to build out a plan to fit your lifestyle and actually find balance between LIFE and losing weight. 

You might then be able to see that you can maintain it by doing 2 x 800 calorie day and then 5 days at maintenance calories.

These are all things we can discuss with you inside our 2024 Kickstart.

Thing is though..

Whatever you do…

The key part is knowing WHY it works and what to do when it stops ‘working’ / serving it’s purpose, whether that is due to a change in your lifestyle or schedule or your goals changing.

Start fitting the diet to your lifestyle and schedule …

You don’t have to do an 800 calorie diet

You don’t have to do keto

You don’t have to drink celery juice 

You don’t have to drink protein shakes

They key part though?

You start and DO something.

That is how you collect data

And therefore know what works

And what does not work…


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