2 things I learned from Sunday 

So if you didn’t know, on Sunday was our first Fruci Fit event of the year so far..

And as I said on Monday, it was a great reminder of just how important the support and the community that you create is. 

It was amazing seeing so many like-minded women, with differing goals, from being able to get up and down from the floor, to training for events, work at their pace and support each other through.

But I knew that already.

It’s something that research has told us for a long time.

And something that I was really passionate to bring to Fruci Fit from my time creating programmes in Public Health for people with Diabetes and working in the NHS and helping to educate people with Diabetes.

But there were two things that really came to light:

  1. You are sometimes just one conversation away from feeling soooo much better about yourself. You could quite easily say ‘I am too unfit’ / “I can’t do that” / “I’m rubbish’/ or you could focus on what you HAVE done. And that is exactly what we went through. By doubling down on what you can do. After all, it is about the feeling you create in the muscles that counts, and if it means shortening your range of movement to take pressure off of your joints to get you stronger? That is what we will do 🙂 
  2. Stop comparing ourselves to others (all of the time) – it is great to get inspired by others. But remember, just because something works for them it doesn’t mean it will work for you. If someone else eat 1600 calories a day, it doesn’t mean that is what you will need. They could be taller than you, do more steps than you, have an active job..I could go on. All this does is make us feel that if it doesn’t work for us? Something must be wrong with us. That’s where unethical supplement companies come in and say ‘try our shake’ / ‘it must be your blood sugar’ etc… cherry picking science to fool us into thinking they are science based (If I ever sell out, can you make sure you call me out and give me a clip around the ear to wake me up haha) 

You see, you have two choices..

Do what you have always done.

Jump from one thing to another..

Or try the sustainable, evidenced based approach.

Transform your exercise and nutrition habits (this does take time)

And finally get results.

Feel more in control of your food again.

Do you best vs thinking all or nothing.

Making choices that make you happy.

This is what our 2024 Kickstart is all about

(message me with ‘kickstart’ and I will get you the details)


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