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Short on time? Try this

Sometimes it’s hard to fit everything in.

Especially with things a lot different to the way they were in lockdown

(Which I am very grateful for)

2 kids (3 and 1..nearly 2)

Nursery drop offs

Daddy day care on weekends and Friday.

Then trying to fit in time with Mrs Fruci

Not to mention doing something for me…

Which can be hard when all my energy can sometimes feel like it’s gone by the end of the day…

^^ When I COULD fit some exercise in

But like any ‘problem’ that we face in life,

It’s quite simple to fix when you pause to diagnose it and come up with a strategy on HOW you will overcome this…

So I decided to change my goal…

Something different

To work towards 

That I can do at home (so it’s easy to do)

But equally where it’s forced me to learn.

Basically, I’m trying to do a one handed pull up.

And when I try to do it..

It feels impossible..

Or at least felt impossible 

Until I asked for help.

Given that every other area of my life

Requires many decisions to be made..

So this is one thing I can delegate..

I show up and I’m told what to do..

By a programme that helps me transition to where I want to be.

Which is actually VERY meditative actually. 

I go off into lala land…

But you know what?

A few days last week

I caught myself saying

“I don’t have time” 

I said….

When actually  

When I think about it

It’s not true.

You see, I was chatting to one of the ladies last week 

One of the ladies mentioned to me that 

They were busy before they started

Yet, they’re still fitting in 5 minute workouts

And coming to 2 workouts a week (sometimes 3)..

And when I think about this?

What I’m actually saying by saying “I don’t have time”

Is that:

This is not a priority for me right now and I am prioritising something else”

And that is it..

I am simply saying that self care / something fun for me (albeit 1 hour a week)

Is not priority..

Interesting part?

Doing something for me actually CREATES energy …

I’ll admit

I have to KEEP reminding myself of this.

Because I still do say

“I can’t be bothered…I don’t have time”

But actually…

All this means is that I am saying that 

I am not priority right now..

And when I dig deeper and ask:

“who else is impacted  if I don’t prioritise me?”

It is only then that I start to realise how much better I am to be around

When I have looked after me first…

Not just for my family, kids, and friends

But for you, the ladies inside my programme, our team and even people who I have never met before

But just send me a lovely message saying that they enjoyed my book, video, or blog…

^^ Which reminds me that I have to protect my energy if I want to help people

So I’ll leave you with this quote:

“he / she who has their health, has 1000 wishes. He / she who doesn’t, has just 1”

As it’s a nice reminder to me of what is ACTUALLY important…

Matt ‘perspective’ Fruci