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How Hazel is now fitting back into old clothes (without giving up her wine)

Got this message from Hazel yesterday:

In June, I decided to do something positive to make me feel better and fitter – if I get the dreaded COVID I want to be in a better place to fight it so I joined Fruci Fit!

At first I really wasn’t convinced that you could lose inches but not necessarily pounds so I started taking a photo at the end of each month.

 It seems you can lose inches by doing little things everyday (and the days you don’t do the little things you don’t  beat yourself up, you just move on to the next day 😊).

Chuffed I have lost 5.5kg but more chuffed that my waist has shrunk by 10cm and I can wear my size 12s again 🤣!

I’ve realised that to change how I look I have to change how I feel.

Matt talks about a stool needing 3 legs to stand, this makes total sense to me now.

You need to take care of yourself to succeed by taking a little time out each day to focus on you.

This has been the biggest thing for me, lunchtime to eat lunch, finishing work in time to cook a meal rather than cheese and biscuits at 9pm, an evening walk before bed, a nap the odd afternoon at the weekend.

All these simple things have enabled me to look at myself and focus on me, then I can tweak food I eat and the exercise I do to help change my body shape. It’s not easy everyday but it’s easier most days.

And the results, they don’t happen overnight but they are consistent.

The support and the ease with which I can fit this in around my life are great, online, in person, live or recorded, everything is there when you need it and to suit you.

And the support of Matt and his team is really great – fitness is fun again, my heads in the right space and my clothes are too big! Oh and I sleep now at night 😍

PS – I haven’t had to give up wine! Phew!!!”

Well done, Hazel

Clothes now too big

No longer beating herself if it’s not the ‘perfect’ day…just moving on to tomorrow.

^^ I love that

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Well done, Nicnak! One year later

So I caught up with Nicnak on Friday for a chat about how she’s done over the past year.

It’s been nearly 12 months since she first started.

Nicnak started off not being able to get off the ground

Had put weight on

As she said “had lost the umph”

Needed to do something but never did.

She thought she would give this a go…

It wasn’t great timing (or so she thought)

with a holiday right away,

but it just shows there is no better time to start.

Even if you are feeling worried / scared about that first session.

In fact, Nicnak admitted she was “TERRIFIED”..

Terrified that she would have to go to the floor.

Who would she ask for help?

Would there be help?

I guess it was my fault not explaining this…

But Nicnak felt comfortable really quickly ..

As we adapted everything for her so she can do it against the wall / with a chair.

So what happened 12 months later?

Over 5 stone lost

And getting up the floor is now “EASY”


Truly inspirational.

You can check out her progress picture below.

But I get that before and after pictures lack the story behind it.

So I will share the interview I did with Nicnak tomorrow (as had some sound issues but hopefully it will be OK)

Anyway, we are opening up 10 more spaces for our SEPTEMBER 28 Day Kickstart for ladies 40+.

This can be done with us in-person in Devizes or Marlborough or all from home.

If you would like more details?

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