How shopping at Tesco can help you tone up…

Have you shopped in Tesco recently?

Basically, they offer free fruit for kids (and have done for a while actually). But with all this uproar about sugar killing us,  the sugar tax and fat making us far malarkey...

Do you think offering free fruit / or just walking past fruit that says 'take me' could really make a difference to what me and you buy and end up eating?

Well, I kind of tested this during a talk I did last week for an NHS lifestyle prevention / treatment programme for people with Type 2 diabetes (where we talk about diet, exercise, and what you can do to prevent / manage it so it doesn't take over your life...)

What did I do you ask?

So, during the coffee break, I noticed everyone was - surprise surprise - drinking coffee. And NO ONE had touched the fruit bowl. It was tucked away on the side. With the fruit still in the bags. 

I simply then took the fruit out of the bags and put the fruit in the middle so everyone was facing the fruit bowl. 

And guess what? Someone took a piece of fruit. 


I went around and offered the fruit to 4 of them sitting nearby. And guess what? They all took a piece. 

Now, my points here are that:

1) Despite eating the fruit when offered it, they probably had no intention of having any fruit (which may be bad thing if they weren't hungry but a good thing if it keeps them full and stops them feeling so hungry they're out of control later on and binge...)

2) Just by moving the fruit bowl and make it more appealing (out of the plastic wrappers) made people eat more

And I guess it shows that what we eat isn't as in our control as we think. And that unless we are fully aware of our environment, we are easily led. 

The scientists have also looked into this...

Showing that if your tray in a cafe has a piece of fruit on it already on there (which you can put back at the till if you don't want to pay for it)...

That you will make healthier food choices, whether you get the fruit or not...

It fascinates me. It really does. How something SO SIMPLE could help you lose weight and tone up without even knowing you're on a diet / depriving yourself. 

But then again, it doesn't. I mean, I get you're busy. Which means when you're making a decision about food, what YOU are eating can often be the LEAST of your worries due the pile of work, domestic admin, and worry of making sure everyone else has had a proper meal.

Which is exactly why we kickstart your slim down with some SIMPLE tasks you can put straight into your busy day...

Because when it comes to this dieting and toning up stuff, you haven't got to make drastic changes, BAN sugar, blame supermarkets and 'change the whole world' ...

What if you could make simple SUSTAINABLE improvements that you can make TODAY?

CREATE a clear and simple plan that you can do whether you're eating out, on the go, or with your family?

Start here...

With my 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down

Here's the link to learn more:

Matt 'still prefer Waitrose' Fruci

PS. I'm not sure if there's something in the water they're serving at the Chinese Buffet...

but I keep getting questions about how to enjoy yourself when eating out and still lose weight and tone up.

Well, guess what?

Maybe there is something in the water...

Because Day 3 of our 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down is all about eating out, enjoying yourself and STILL slimming down. 

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