This blog contains MSG, Gluten, Dairy, And much, much more…

You know when your life is just chilled and really easy?

^^^ That was me joking by the way

It's busier than ever with this being the season to be jolly and- of course - the season to be around big healthy doses of...

Chocolate coins, Minions biscuits, advent calendars reminding us to eat chocolate for breakfast (I prefer to stick to the Mediterranean diet and go for Pain au chocolat...)...

More shopping than ever in the house. Food to be cooked. Which means more food to be eaten. 

Oh, and not to mention the Gingerbread Lattes smiling at you in Costa...

It's a fun time of the year. Really fun, actually. Spending time with family and getting in the spirit is why we do all this health and toning up stuff, right?

(no, of course I'm not dressing up as a Gingerbread, making gluten-free mince pies for Santa and honey roasted carrots for rudolph....)

BUT with all this is a HUGE challenge to our routine diet...

Temptations, feelings of 'should I eat that'. << which can often make you feel guilty and blame your willpower...

And this ^^^ I want to tell you, is ridiculous. 


Well, what I' about to tell you has nothing to do with the differences in our genetics. 

Because that fact is, we - as humans - are wired to look for high calorie foods full of fat and sugar. It's why us humans run the show on the planet Earth and are so smart <<< although my Labrador does have us wrapped around her little paw...

But now - some smart scientists are 'spiking' our food addictive NATURAL chemicals (like MSG which was originally found in meat in HEALTHY amounts to make us eat more as it provided us with calories and nutrients in the wild) to snacky food that both me and you can't get away from...especially over this Christmas period.

Which means both you and me are drawn to these foods. 

And I want you to know that it's not your fault. And it's not ALWAYS that our genetics are different

How do we know?

Well, the same hunter - gatherer groups in Mexico who have long lifespans and low cases of diabetes or heart disease...

Had high amounts of diabetes and heart disease when they moved to the US...

Despite having the SAME genetics.

We also know that the best diet in the world is... moving to Asia. You're guaranteed to lose weight.

But I get this impractical for you and takes more willpower than counting 'syns' at your Christmas dinner table.

Which is exactly why the 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down not only helps to keep you motivated and provides you with elite level support from me and other like-minded ladies looking to tone up and ditch the diet battle in our private group...

But also gives you simple, actionable tasks you can fit into your busy routine TODAY.


Well, research suggests that it can take you nearly HALF of 2018 to lose the weight you put on between now and the new year...

So, what if you did SOMETHING now?

Could 2018 be the year you ditch the diet, lose unwanted tummy fat and build a nutritional strategy that you can stick to?

My only goal here is to get you to move from A to B...then we'll worry about C <<< this is what we call the FAT LOSS RIPPLE EFFECT.

And I may start a few sentences with 'and'...get a bit passionate with some of my 'how to' videos where I go off on a tangent...

But it's only because I want to tell you that this toning up stuff is more simple than you think.

You can get the simpler way here:

Matt 'spiking Santa's gluten free mince pies with MSG' Fruci

PS. I've got 3 spaces left for the 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down and it starts Monday (4th December).

And I'll be honest...even I...and some of our current members are thinking I'm giving away a lot for £1 a day here...

But...this is what happens when I have too many Gingerbread Lattes

Learn more here:

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