She said I was boring (the quickest way to self doubt)

So I got a message the other day which said:

“I’ve unsubscribed because you say the same things every day”

And it got me thinking…

(yep, I do that sometimes)

That is the whole point.

There’s no secret to this weight loss, health and getting shape stuff other than just being a little bit better each day…

With your food, your fitness and your focus AKA looking after YOU.

and the fact that the people who get this will get the best and FASTEST results is the reason that I make sure this message hits home…

Otherwise I’ll just be like those in this fitness industry selling out to those multi-Level marketing weight loss shakes…

And that’s just not my thing to be honest.

I don’t need anymore reasons not to sleep at night (I already have 2 babies haha)

But my point is that there’s a very valuable message in all of this

You see, messages like this would often get me to question myself. Have self doubt.

​​Say things like “maybe I am boring”…

“Maybe I should stop putting out blogs, emails and videos”…

Then I realised that this way of thinking is simply the result of what I am paying attention to..

You see, I receive messages from STRANGERS saying how motivation my blogs, videos and emails are…

I receive messages everyday from clients telling me how much they loved the session (afterwards, of course haha), how much I care, and how even though they had a Sh*t day the fact I was there to lift them back up so they didn’t dwell on the rubbish has been the difference…

So, my question to you is this:

Where are you letting the opinions of people (that you probably don’t even know) stop you doing what you want to do?

Be it with your family? Body? Health? Fitness? Mindset? Business? A message you want to share?

You see, ​​seeking opinion – or worse – anticipating the opinion of others… is the same as seeking validation…

and no-one will REALLY tell us what we need to hear

Which all leads to MORE SELF DOUBT

It makes us OVER THINK

It almost forces us to procrastinate..

To put ‘it’ off…

But ONLY way to measure this stuff?


The only way to get RESULTS and therefore INCREASE CONFIDENCE?

ACTUALLY DO IT and invest time and energy in it…

Be it your fitness, body, health, work. family

Matt ‘boring’ Fruci

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