Self doubt, fear and happiness (what to do)

I must admit, it’s pretty impossible to look on social media without subconsciously comparing myself to others. No matter how hard I try, I still think ‘wow, look at that’…

the scariest part?

Both me and you know it’s FILTERED. It’s the highlights AKA the best part of someone else’s life.

I mean, I didn’t bother shooting a live Facebook video last week when my washing machine broke and flooded the kitchen….

Maybe I will do it next time though haha

To top if off, there were peas everywhere, too. Full washing baskets…the lot. It was all going on in the Fruci Household lol

But anyway, behind a lot of these FILTERS you see on social media?

Fear, struggle and doubt…

Yep, the apparent ‘perfect’ people do NOT confront.

Because it hurts

But behind avoiding this…

what if this actually makes the struggle, fear and doubt GROW?

Because ultimately avoiding reality and struggles…IS pain…

A bit of struggle is inevitable in life (regardless of the number of unicorn teddies on your bed)

That’s actually how you develop the ability to get better…

Just like some of the ladies mentioned this week about feeling fitter climbing stairs and being able to do a push up (despite having shoulder problems when they started and not being able to do one on her knees before starting…)

The secret?

Caring about someTHING more important than the struggle of change…


Reminding yourself that feeling fitter and making everyday tasks easier, accomplishing something, enjoying clothes shopping, fitting back into your favourite clothes, ageing well, improving your health, reducing your risk of developing health conditions…

is MORE IMPORTANT than the pain of change…

If  you’re struggling, have self doubt, fear, you may as well get a reward from it, right?

And know that you can feel at ease because you are doing all you can to stay healthy and happy…
So, what is that ‘THING’ for you?


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