‘I wanted to swear at you’

so last week when I did a lecture for nutrition students at Oxford Brookes University, I got a question about what extra qualifications they might need…

Now, bare in mind that these are students who’ll graduate as Registered Nutritionists (as I did)…

Where you need to keep up with continual professional development anyway etc…

I think there seems to be a common theme that I’ve seen in myself and others right now…

You see, I ended up doing two Masters degrees…and staying at university for years and years..

And I think it’s important to get qualifications (especially in today’s world where people just reason something on Facebook and are suddenly the expert…)

But, deep down, I know I simply LACKED COURAGE

Courage to take action regardless of fears of ‘being good enough’, thoughts, doubt, moods and feelings…

And it might be the same for you now…

It’s not that you don’t know what to do

it’s not that you don’t WANT to do it…

it’s that you find yourself STUCK, ‘lost’ in all of the “what if’s”, right?

and I GET IT, 10000%

because I’ve worked with A LOT of women with the same problem…

And as a result of this, have actually built up my own COURAGE and CONFIDENCE in what I do…


By getting experience and RESULTS (like these: https://frucifit.com/results/)

Which is the only way you can become more confident and squash the ‘what if’ mindset…



And even if sometimes it means the ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme want to swear at me hahaha

As one mentioned on Facebook the other day (and many others agreed in the comments hahah):

“Hell, there’s been some occasions where I’ve REALLY wanted to swear at you.

However, you seem to have made the impossible possible just with the right guidance & by applying being persistent & consistent.

Who’d have thought it?!”

The feeling you get from doing things you never thought you could do with your busy lifestyle…

surprising friends and family with not just the way you look and feel, but with your energy and the fact you’re able to keep going when you’d usually lose motivation…

is pretty amazing….

And the best part?

It’s much harder to get things moving than to keep them moving…

But you’ll only ever know this if you get things moving…

Which – as one of the ladies said above – is simply a case of being persistent and consistent..

Matt ‘explicit’ Fruci

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