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How much time does it take?

Finding the time to exercise 

Is something I get a lot from the ladies on our Kickstart programme. 

And I get this.

Since having 2 babies (not me, personally, my wife gave birth to them)

I’ve noticed just how precious time is…


On the other hand

I’ve never been so productive in my life…

Because if I’m not?

I miss out on spending time with my family…

(I don’t need much more motivation than that)..

So what’s my advice?

Well, like I shared In an interview on BBC Radio Wiltshire last month about this stuff..

Think 1% better..

For me?

The problem with ‘finding time’ is that we often think we need more time than we have to progress… 

Forgetting that one positive step today?

Could be 37 times better in a year from now …

if you just got 1% better today..

Even if you spare ONE minute TODAY

In fact, below is a ONE minute workout

And sure

You might think

“What’s the point?”

But consider this:

What could possibly be different right now in your life, particularly when comes to nutrition and fitness, if you did all of the things that you said ‘there’s no point’ doing?

Whether it’s that glass of water..

Walk at lunchtime 

Portion of veg

Control of snacking

Showing up to do a workout..


That what you do today

Is what you’re more likely to do tomorrow

So start small.

And who knows where you might be a month or a year from now.

Like Natasha said yesterday (see image)


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