The secret to keeping the weight off once and for all?

“You’re going to get wet today”…the kayak instructor said to me and my partner (who’ve perhaps stupidly decided to kayak to Westminster from Devizes next year)

I looked at the canal and couldn’t think of anything worse than ‘getting wet today’. So, me and my partner shrugged the comment off and thought ‘well be alright, we won’t fall in’…

2 minutes in? And we fell in…

But here’s the thing:

After falling in I actually felt better. I’d got in over and done with. I was suddenly more confident about getting in the boat. My fear of falling in was -almost- gone. And some people watching / laughing at us from the side even said that they had some friends who had attempted to kayak to Westminster last year that wished they’d fallen in more as they actually fell in during the race in wide waters and really struggle to get back in.

My point?

It’s no different in this weight loss and toning up game. You’re going to have bad days. THIS IS A NON-NEGOTIABLE. Where work maybe gets in the way. You’re being pulled in every direction from friends and family leaving no time for you. You feel tired. You feel like giving up. Question yourself.

But this isn’t failure. Providing that you treat this as a lesson along the way. Because it’s not AVOIDING the struggle or the stress of life that’s actually the secret. It’s learning how to not lose your $#*! when you normally would. Stay in control and have a laugh along the way. 

The kayaking instructor even said: ‘if you can tell a joke and laugh even after 16 hours of continuous paddling on your way to Westminster, you’ll be OK”…

So here’s a joke for you to keep you going on your weight loss and toning up journey so you can stick to your ‘diet’ and get back into your favourite clothes once and for all.

Brace yourself…it’s a dad joke…

“I used to have a job at a calendar factory but I got the sack because I took a couple of days off.”

But imagine if you didn’t sack yourself for ‘having a bad day’?

Discovered the trigger to why you were ‘eating your emotions’?

Slowed down enough so you could come up with strategies to empower you to overcome them?

What would different for you?

And this is big area of focus in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation. As we question whether it’s actually you standing in your way?

As Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation member Karen recently put it here:

“Seriously, I this is the only thing that has worked for me. Not weight watchers, slimming world crap. Being responsible for yourself, training, being honest. I have never had a flatter tummy, slimmer legs in 25 years. Yes it hurts, I ache, but the results are worth it. I’m 55 , I’ll never be perfect, but my body has served me well. Four amazing children, that’s life. But I’m going to fight old age as long as I can.”

If you think this might be for you, apply for your free trial by going here (6 spaces only):

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