Scales not moving?

Energy flows where your attention goes.

Quick one today to remind you 

That even if the scales are not moving

It doesn’t always mean it is ‘not working’…

I so often hear people say:

“The scales are not moving”

“I am not losing weight”

Only then to find out they have lost some weight..

But more impressively?

They’re getting up and down from the floor more easily

They have more energy 


Climbing hills 

Lifting more in the studio

Just bought a heavier kettlebell to do workouts from home with 

I could go on..

So don’t forget your wins 

And remember you get more of what you focus on..

After all, if you choose to exercise today

You have already joined the 1% 

And if you still think you are having a rubbish day?

It is not going to plan..

Life getting in the way.

The secret?

Ask the questions::

“Did I do my best?”

“Will my future self be proud of this decision?”


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