Burger and chips for the family

So I’ve got a little ongoing joke with a fairly new body transformation member

You see, we were sat down having a coffee

Waiter comes over with two burgers and chips

The new member then looks at me in disgust


Thinking “you’ve ordered us burgers and chips as well as lattes…and put cream in your coffee?”

Now, just for the record

I didn’t order the burger and chips​​​

The Waiter got it wrong 

But since then I’ve always promised her a burger and chips

^^^ A proper one…As long as she does what she says she’ll do to get the things she says she wants (which is the key to every body transformation…and anything in life for that matter)​​

But for now…

​​I’m going to share a quick and simple burger recipe

That saves you TIME

^^^ your most precious asset!

So you can actually have the time to sit down and eat your meal

^^^rather than spending £6 a day picking up a coffee and a cake on the way back from the school run (as a Body Transformation member mentioned to me last week)

Because they’re ready to bang in the oven and done in 25 mins

And you can keep them in the fridge to cook fresh or to have as and when :-))​​​

Getting lean on Burgers 🍔 (makes 4 burgers):


*400g lean mince (can be turkey / beef / pork or a mix..)

*4 buns

*1 chopped onion

*1 egg (whisked)

*1 handful of spinach (chopped to sneakily get some greens in there…)

*salt, pepper and Italian herb seasoning

* Optional: 2 slices of brie (inspired by baby Ottilie…see video)​​​


*mix all ingredients and make into 4 burgers (you can keep these in the fridge, ready to cook fresh as and when for the day / next day)

*cook in the over for 25 mins or so!

*chuck some finely chopped lettuce and Brie on top of the burger, throw it in a bun and you’re good to go (oh, and add some ketchup 😃)

*serve with sweet potato chips

As I did for the wife last week!

Aren’t burgers bad???

Well, it comes down to your overall intake

Which is why a big part of my philosophy is taking all the stress away from “good” and “bad” foods for you

So you stress less about the small things

And focus on building a diet for you

So you can stick to it and keep the weight off once and for all

Which is exactly what our new simple nutrition system does in Fat Loss Mastery

And you can get a bite of it by applying here:


Matt ‘moment on the lips’ Fruci

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