Exercise alone had no effect on weight loss…

This might surprise you

Because – after all – I do actually provide you with exercise sessions to help tone you up and get back into smaller, more fitted clothes

^^^ as Fat Loss Mastery member, Marie, put it last week

But all this exercise doesn’t work on it’s own

And recent research has backed this up

Showing that exercise alone had no effect on weight loss

Where as diet alone DID

What was the best?

Well, it seems Hovis and their best of both were right all along

Because exercise + diet is the key to weight loss

And – more importantly – keeping the weight off 

^^^ so you give them baggy clothes to the charity shop…GRATITUDE WORK DONE FOR THE DAY 🙂

But when it comes to keeping the weight off

We know that exercise ​​​is actually KEY (in combination with the diet, of course)

Especially the types of exercise that promote that more toned and lean look

So you can ditch the bingo wings for good

^^^ or “bat wings” as one member called them last week…

But whatever you want to call them

Much of the bingo wing extinguishing is done in the kitchen

Which is why i make things super simple for you with my nutrition system

So it’s HARD to fail

Hard to find excuses about not knowing what and when to eat

Worrying about whether “it’s healthy enough” for the kids to eat..

Whether the other half will eat it (so you don’t have to cook separate meals and spend less time on you)

As there’s no magic or evil foods

Just delicious meals that the whole family will eat and enjoy

^^^so much so that you have to stop them going for seconds (as Cassie mentioned the other week and is something I’ll go on to another day)

So you can save time (and money) searching through the “magic” food isles in Tesco looking for the next overpriced superfood

^^^ Be it quinoa, wheatgrass, or SUPER DUPER greens powder​​​

And get your “me” time (you know, that warm cuppa you want)

The best part?

When your friends say “you shouldn’t be eating that. I thought you were on a diet”

All because you’ve broken the old “sod it, I’ve had one biscuit so might as well have 5” cycle

Matt “full of surprises” Fruci

PS. I’m taking on 8 ladies in April for my body transformation programme…

If you’re serious about transforming your body and mindset, go here:


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