2-ingredient pizza base that’s good for your gut?

So, if you were reading yesterday you’d know about the guy (Dan) who pretty much lived off pizza for 25 years (balanced diet, right?)

And to help Dan get some variation into his diet so he can boost is gut health and improve his immune system (and develop a better relationship with food)

Here’s a 2-ingredient pizza base recipe:


* 175 g gluten free self raising flour

* 245 g 0% Greek yoghurt

* 250 g Passata 

* 125 g Low fat mozzarella

* Italian herb seasoning

* Toppings: mushrooms, peppers, and I’ll leave the rest up to you!


1) Mix 125 g of the flour with all of the Greek yoghurt in a bowl

2) Flour the surface and knead (it shouldn’t be sticky…if it is, add some flour), slowing working in another 50 g of flour in the process

3) Shape into the pizza base

4) Oil a pan / foil and place the base in the oven for 10 minutes at 230C

5) Meanwhile, prepare your passata by gently heating it with some Italian herb seasoning

6) Top the base with the passata, toppings and cheese

7) Place it all back into the oven for 10 minutes (or until cheese is how you like it!)

Nutritional info (Per half the pizza):

Protein: 33 g

Carbs: 75 g

Fat: 7 g

The best thing about this pizza?

It’s filling (thanks to the slow-digesting protein in Greek yoghurt and the cheese), it’s got some good bacteria in there which is good for your gut health, and it’s a gluten free base that doesn’t taste like cardboard…


You could also make a smaller pizza (half the ingredients) to make it more ‘carb friendly’


Why not just have a 1/4 of the pizza, top with some meats (like chicken), and serve with a large salad to fill your plate out?

^^^ I guarantee it will keep you full!

Give it a try and let me know how you get on

Matt ‘helping Dan’ Fruci

PS. Why not make more pizza than you need and save it for when you’re super busy during the week and your kids are asking ‘what’s for dinner?’ Everyone loves cold pizza 🙂 And it’s even better when it’s good for your gut!

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