Rosie Reached Her Goal Weight With A Month To Spare


Got this message from Rosie last week:

Reached my goal weight yesterday with a month to spare… will stay on track.
Feel good, clothes fit, energy better…..and best of all sleeping better!!!!
Thank you so much for the shove I needed.
And all this with a whole month to spare.

Although Rosie thanks me for the ‘shove’

^^^ I’m not that mean!

It’s Rosie who has to DO the work.

And did the work she did (don’t know why I said that like Yoda…)

Who else hits their ‘goal weight’ in December of all months?




Ginger bread lattes 

Impossible, right?

Yes, it probably is

If you were following a restrictive, cookie-cutter diet plan 

Where alcohol was BANNED

Bread was forbidden 

And lattes were for those who ‘don’t want it bad enough’

But what about if you could include your favourite foods in your nutritional strategy?

So you didn’t miss out on social events…

Yet STILL hit your goal weight…

And in the words of Rosie…

​​​”Feel good, clothes fit, energy better…..and best of all sleeping better!!!!”

Well, you can find out more by applying for my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme

^^^ Applications close at 730pm on Sunday (as I’m only taking on ONE new member)

Apply here:​​​

​​​​​​​​​Matt ‘giving you a shove’ Fruci’

PS. Don’t get it perfect, get it started and just like another Fit For Life Body Transformation member (who I won’t name as this is a bit personal)…

You too could be using pins to hold up your knickers because ‘there’s no point buying new ones yet’

Here’s the link to apply:​​​​​​​
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