Why you can eat 40% more chocolate

That probably isn’t the message that most dietitians and nutritionists would want to spread

But for Nestle…




Eating 40% more chocolate sounds like a sweet dream come true…

You see, Nestle have recently discovered a way to use 40% less sugar in their chocolate without altering the taste.

And without artificial sweeteners.

Instead, they’ve altered the structure of sugar. 

Now, a dietitian come out and pretty much hit the nail on the head with this

Saying that there IS room for chocolate in your life

Providing it’s not coupled with a diet of copious amounts of fizzy drinks and takeaways.

^^^ My 80/20 rule comes to mind, here!

And that this won’t make chocolate a health food

Because there aren’t really any ‘health’ foods


Magic foods (in my opinion)

Rather, there are bettER diets.

And providing you get the nutrients that YOU need to lose weight, tone up and feel more confident in your favourite clothes

Then a bit of chocolate is probably fine

In fact, it’s MORE than fine.

Particularly the darker stuff.

With a recent study showing that a diet higher in cocoa flavonols no only improved cognitive function

What was I talking about again?

Oh yes, chocolate…

BUT cocoa flavanols also…

1) Improved insulin resistance meaning it may help you handle carbs and sugar better (and reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes)

^^^ unless chocolate is a trigger food for you and means you end up eating 3 Rocky Roads, 4 After Eights, and all 25 chocolates in your advent calendar…in a record time of 4.24 minutes

2) Resulted in reductions in blood pressure (so chocolate is a stress reliever after all ;-))))


Before you go hunting through the Roses tin looking for all the purple ones (you know the ones with the hazelnut in?)

Consider the following:

1) There’s higher amounts of cocoa flavanols in darker chocolate

2) Flavanols are also found in tea, coffee (another win for my morning ritual), berries, veggies AND red wine

Moral of the story?

You can lose weight and eat your chocolate (even the Nestle stuff)

You can even have your Baileys (yes, Baileys IS in my nutrition members-only system)

^^^ As Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Julie, worked into her strategy this week. 

And that’s what it’s all about, right?

Being empowered to know how to lose weight, keep it off, and enjoy your favourite foods (and drinks) whilst STILL having a life and feeling more confident in your favourite clothes

Matt ‘sweet dreams’ Fruci

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