Hormones and the ‘best’ weight loss diet for women?

So it turns out that the rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

Mrs Fruci isn't quite fed up of me just yet despite my error of accidently replacing our broken kettle with a stove top whistling kettle 

^^^ That's Amazon 1-click purchase for you...

And I still haven't admitted to Mrs Fruci that it was a bit of a poor purchase when you're trying to get a 1 year old and a crazy Labrador to sleep..

But from living with Mrs Fruci and helping other ladies tone up, I'll admit that ladies have a much HARDER time than men....not just because you may have to put up with the male species...

But also because it's clear that you have a harder to time losing weight and keeping it off.

I've even had to coin the term 'the hubby effect'...which explains how when I start working with ladies, they often get disheartened when they've only lost 3lbs in a week and their hubby has lost 6lbs...

"And he was still eating soooo much $#*!" <<<< That's what a member using my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System actually said the other day

Anyway, I want to touch on 2 of the reasons that explain why you have it harder than men when it comes to losing unwanted fat:

1) When a guy wants to lose fat...they often do some muscle toning / strength exercise and eat MORE protein...whereas the  ladies I work with will often say how they tried starvation diets, low carb, slimming clubs etc....

2) HORMONES - and in particular Oestrogen...now, I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert as I'm not a woman. But, I will tell you what the scientists say...

During menopause, oestrogen levels go DOWN..

This MAY make it more likely for you to store fat around your midsection / make it more difficult for you to handle sugar.

Does this mean you HAVE to cut out carbs?

No. The same fat loss rules apply, whether you're going through menopause or not.

And this is something I take you through, step by step in my SHIFT Personal Training and Nutrition System to help you personalise this for your lifestyle so you can keep the weight off for good ...

And talking of keeping the weight off for good?

A recent study showed that post menopausal women were able keep the weight off for 2 years even without counting points or calories when they were...

* Eating more protein (lean meats, eggs, fish)

* Eating more veggies

* Getting more of their fats from unsaturated fats like seeds and nuts

But you probably know this stuff already.

And - as you know - it's one thing knowing it and another thing doing it. 

^^^ Its why from working with tons of ladies, I simply believe that the best diet is the one you can DO...

Which is why on top of the step by step SHIFT Personal Training and Nutrition System...

I believe in creating a level of support and accountability that will mean you're never on your own on your health and fitness journey.

To help you breakthrough slow periods of fat loss, overcome the obstacles of time, the fear of failing again, and even fear of success and self sabotage....which leads us to that yoyo dieting cycle again...

If you want to try my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System for free to see what it's all about?

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I've got 2 spaces left if you want to kickstart your fat loss starting next week. 

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