Refeed days, Mobots, and Magic Carpets

“When I fell down, I was just thinking…

‘Try to get up, try to get up. 

Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic.’ 

And then I got up, and I tried to just get through it.”

“I thought, it’s O.K., it’s O.K., I still have quite a long way to go.”

^^^ A quote from Mo Farah after tripping over HALF WAY through the race…

Did you see it?

He got back up and – in true fairy tale fashion – he come back to win GOLD…

It was so good…

That I was half expecting the Genie to come out:

“Thank you for choosing Magic Carpet for all your travel needs….

Don’t stand until the rug has come to a complete stop. Thank you.”

Anyway, my point ISN’T that ‘quitters NEVER win’ (which I’ve heard too many times…zzzzzzzZZZZZ!!!!!)

^^^ because quitting is SOMETIMES the best option…especially if you’re not clear on what you really want and why. A change of focus CAN be what you need. 

But rather…

The FACT that you don’t know the future…

Which means.

You don’t know what’s around the next corner. 


When the MAGIC will start to happen.

And – like I said – although quitting IS sometimes a good thing

^^^ As you do 3 days in on one of those ‘cleanse’ diets…

Sometimes, we need to take a step back…

Do the ‘MOBOT’

And say to ourselves…

“Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic.”

Because a lot of these trips.

Don’t happen TO you…

They happen FOR you

^^^^ I know this sounds a bit WOO WOO but here me out.

Because it’s only then that you understand:

WHY you didn’t lose the same amount of weight as everyone else?

WHY you feel out of control with your food and can’t stop snacking?

WHY you’re falling asleep at 323pm?

That’s as long as you’re ASSESSING and NOT GUESSING, of course.

And despite the frustration from all those years hopping from diet to diet…

In the words of Mo…

“It’s OK”

Because you start to piece to together what’s ‘worked’ well


What’s ‘worked’ not so well. 

* Do you work better with high carb foods? 

^^^ Something I see many women in their 40s prosper from having been so ‘low-carb followed by carb binge’ for so long…

* Are you more suited to a low-carb diet? 

^^^ Something that one of the members on my Lean For Life Body Transformation Programme is thriving off of right now…

Do you need to eat more fats?

^^^ Did you know that some vitamins NEED fat to be absorbed?

Do you just need to eat more? <<< WHAAATTT!

YES, you heard that right…

So enjoy the process.

Fall over (more than once)

^^^ Tell your loved ones, family, support group WHY you’re doing it. Make them understand how much it means to you

Roll around in the mud (As long as you use Persil.)


Because then you’ll know the exact reason WHY you failed.

And as you know, all you need is one good RIESEN (definitely my favourite chocolate…)

Happy Monday


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PPS. I spoke more about using a ‘Refeed Day’ 


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