Is ditching the ‘bra doughnuts’ really as SIMPLE as ‘moving more’?

‘They’d ‘squidge’ against the back of the car seat.

And make me feel uncomfortable in my clothes (and bra).

But…they’re disappearing’

Now, she was referring to her ‘bra doughnuts’

Generally, this how a member of my Fit For Life Body Transformation described the loss of her back fat…

And I have to admit, I’ve not heard the ‘bra doughnuts’ one before

^^^ Obviously, I can’t relate to it as I don’t wear bras (but I did liken it to the seatbelt of a car pushing on to stomach fat…especially after a few too many trips to the buffet!)

But is ditching the ‘bra doughnuts’ really as simple as moving more?

I mean, we know that exercise is good for us (heart health, diabetes, energy, stress, feel better, increased muscle tone etc.)

^^^ And these benefits shown by increasing your exercise are even more prevalent if you’re currently doing less than 30 minutes of exercise a week (which is the case for 1 in 4 women in the UK).

But does ‘exercising more’ help us lose weight?

Well, apparently not. 

Diet-only beats exercise-only (nearly) everytime for weight loss (quite substantially actually)

And although diet + exercise is the clear winner (Thanks, Dr. Obvious)

It’s easy to see why diet is so important in helping us get rid of that extra shelf.

And one of the reasons is what MAY happen after we exercise…

You know, when we  reward ourselves with wine, KitKats (have a break and all that), Custard Creams and another glass of wine

^^^ Which often equates to more calories than we actually burnt off. 


Here’s my problem with this. 

If you don’t exercise.

You don’t burn calories. 

And – in my humble opinion (the opinion of many scientists) – this doesn’t always mean you eat less than you would have…if you’d have exercised. 

Here’s 3 reasons why:

1) There’s more time in the day to think about food if you don’t exercise

2) Some research shows that exercise can actually suppress your hunger hormones and make you feel fuller

3) Even if you haven’t exercised and aren’t ‘rewarding’ yourself…

if you see that Caramel Shortcake when ordering your Flat White in Starbucks and haven’t got sufficient amounts of nutrients to help curb your hunger…

You’re probably going to struggle to say no!

^^^ And read number 3 again.

Because this explains ONE of the key factors that are making us fatter and more out of control than we ever have been when it comes to food…

I mean, we’re on our bums more than we ever have been.

Desk jobs, cars, public transport, tv’s, laptops, emails (I’ve just stood up as I’m writing this to practice what I preach. I’m now doing squats…) etc…

So, logic would suggest that our brains would tell us to eat less, right?

It would trigger our hunger suppressant hormones to tell us to ‘stop eating’, right?

Well, clearly (and unfortunately) not. 

Somewhere along the way…

Our hunger signals have become out of whack with our food intake. 

^^^ TYPE B malnutrition, perhaps? (where despite eating too much, we’re deficient in nutrients that we NEED)

And is this because your body is craving certain nutrients?

Are you eating too many ‘healthy wholegrains’ and not enough ‘bad’ fats? 

Are you avoiding protein through fear of becoming bulky? 

^^^ Making you hungry every 2 hours…and a slave to the afternoon slump and biscuit tin…

I mean, it’s great if you start moving more. 

The health benefits are awesome. 

But if you want to get the biggest reward for your time. 

Time that could be spent with friends and family doing the stuff you enjoy…

It’s probably about time you took a look at your diet so you know how much and what types of foods you need to eat to ditch the ‘bra doughnuts’ once and for all!


PS. If you’re still worried about protein making you bulky, go here

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So, if you think you’re a good fit for the programme, go here:

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