Osteoporosis & diet (must vs want)

Osteoporosis is quite a hot topic right now

Given how common it is.

Some of the ladies inside our programme have asked me about this, too.

So I thought I’d give you a little summary of the things to do which have showed to help with reducing risk of fractures, falls and osteoporosis in women over 50:

1 Resistance exercise – muscle strengthening exercises will improve your bone density 

2 Protein  – not just eating a higher protein diet, but also making sure you get high quality protein, such as dairy, lean meats, eggs, or combining veggie sources of protein to make it a higher quality protein 

3 Calcium and vitamin D – This showed a 30% reduced risk in hip fractures and 15% reduced risk in total fractures…

But the thing is, 

something I talk to the ladies about inside our programme is the difference between

A “MUST DO” and a “SHOULD DO”…

You see, when something is a ‘Must Do’ it’s easier to motivated ourselves….

You know, a bit like when we go on holiday and have loads of cramming to do the week before…

But the problem is?

Most of the time we focus on what we ‘should do”…

but never actually do it…

(like the protein stuff, muscle strengthening exercise etc)

So what do I do?

It’s simple…

But works for me (and many of the other ladies inside the programme)..

Instead of saying I ‘should [write my new book]’

I’ve switched this to

“I WANT to [insert thing you want to do here] BECAUSE [then list your reasons]

Example: I WANT to write my new book BECAUSE:

  1. I think there is a HUGE need to clarity on what you need to DO rather than more information (this is what my new book will hopefully help you do)
  2. I will be able to reach more people and – potentially – get more testimonials (which makes me feel good…selfish I know, but just being honest)
  3. I LEARN A LOT by DOING aka writing my book gives me focus, clarity and makes me narrow in on what will help people the most- which essentially helps me in all areas of my life
  4. To do this I must be on top of my game physically and mentally – which makes me look after ME

So my advice to you?

Grab a pen and paper

Write down what you ‘should’ do 

And then write down the BECAUSE..


Why bother actually doing it

And keep these with you, closeby…

To remind yourself of why you really should do the things you know you need to do..

And what to go one step further?

Remind yourself of the COST of not doing it..

To your health 

To your body 

To your mood


How you feel..

As always

Very Simple, but powerful 

Matt ‘simple minded’ Fruci

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