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So I was at Oxford Brookes University the other week to deliver a lecture for the nutrition students

And one of the quotes I like to use is:

“It’s not knowing what to do; it’s doing what you know.”

Because there is ALWAYS more to this weight loss and health stuff than ‘eat less and exercise more”

As much as this is the case…

It is more complicated. Upbringing, time, stress , work, health conditions etc. all make this more difficult. 

And -yes – it’s great that when at university we learn about the complex stuff on hunger hormones, PCOS, Menopause, Menstrual cycles, allergies, insulin, GLP 1 hormones, polyphenols…I could go on…

But where do you stop?

As let’s face it, most people  (ESPECIALLY ME) need to do what they already know first…

But maybe we’re eating for something better?

Maybe hoping for a better time when they’ll be fewer commitments and social events?

Or perhaps you’re just lacking motivation…

And speaking of which…

What if ‘motivation’ was actually a ‘code’ word for:

“I want to care more about this thing”?

You see, I can help you get motivated by getting clear on your ‘why’s’, whether it is fitting into a dress, helping to avoiding health conditions like type 2 diabetes , having more energy so you’re better to be around and can keep up with life, develop a healthy relationship with food and say yes to social events again with confidence…

But sometimes we say things and don’t really mean it (me included)..

and although this process above is STILL important. As without a ‘MOTIVE”..there is no ‘MOTIV-ation”…

Something that makes this process EVEN MORE powerful is putting systems in place so you don’t have to rely (solely) on the up and down ‘motivation’ and ‘inspiration’…


* Writing down your ‘why’s’ next to your bed so when you can’t get out of bed 5 minutes earlier to have some ‘me’ time and create some space, you remind yourself why and make it top of mind awareness (and remind yourself you’ll feel better for it later and have more energy)

* Setting an alarm to drink water and stop looking at a screen every hour so you can just get up and move around 

* Keep your exercise clothes by the door. 

* Get a friend or a support group to join you on your journey and help you stay ‘motivated’ 

But my question for you today (and me):

Who and WHAT would you be without your story?

Your story about the past and future

Your story about motivation

Your story about fear

Your story about failing​​​​

This is all I have for you today

“Who would you be without your story?”​​

If you chose not to believe it?​​

Matt ‘do what you know’ Fruci

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