When to push the ‘panic button’

As a busy bee, rushing around trying to juggle your work and family life

You’ve probably done this a fair few times

Especially when you’re tired, stressed and haven’t really looked after number 1 (you).

That is…push the panic button!!

^^^ thinking worst case scenario!

Just like I did last week

I rushed back from a meeting

And noticed that my car keys were missing


I rang Caffè Nero (where I was before)


Posted in Marlborough notice board


Rang the police just in case someone had handed it in.


Damn…the only other option was to get a truck to pick my car up

And take it to a garage to sort it out…

Is it worth doing this or should I just write the car off? <<< This went through my head…

You see, I’ll be honest there

I didn’t sleep well the night before

^^^ went to bed late (my fault) and baby did a bit of singing in the night (which always makes me smile no matter how tired I am…)

I didn’t plan ANY of my meals even though I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to grab much on the go

^^^ yes, I’m not perfect either!

I was GO GO GO

I didn’t slooowww down

^^^ probably why I took my car keys out with me even though I didn’t drive…and and dropped them!

And my level of irritability with loved ones was sky high

patience with my daughter was thin

Productivity… Zero!

I was H-angry (as my wife calls it)

^^ this is where you’re hungry and angry 😉

And all bec​ause..

I didn’t look after me first

And to top it off

I got home that night ready to eat my steak

Only for my dog to pinch it from the side…

And what I’m leading is this:

When you don’t slow down and take the time to assess your situation



And think worst case scenario

A bit like when you “cheat” on one of this rigid diet plan Or eat too many “bad” foods so think you might as well start again on Monday

Whereas if you just slow down

Ask yourself whether eating a week’s worth of your so-called “bad” foods will get you closer to the leaner, more toned body you want…

You’re able to RESPOND and make better-informed more intelligent decisions

^^^ and probably be less h-angry

So you can waste less energy and time stressing about what you BELIEVE might happen to your waistline by eating a “bad” food

And spend more time with your friends and family, enjoying the foods you love as part of a flexible nutritional strategy (just like we do in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme)…

Quick tip for you (and me) to do today:

If something “bad” happens that makes you angry

Put “panic button” in your diary for 3 days time!

If – after 3 days – you still feel like hitting the panic button…

Go ahead.

But the chances are…it wasn’t as “bad” you thought

^^^ just like my car keys…as they turned up the next day in Caffè Nero…

And you went into panic mode and self sabotaged your progress for no good reason!

Helping Busy Ladies Build A Nutritional Strategy That Lasts And Ditch The Fads For Good!

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