What’s the best option when eating out?

I’ve got ‘another’ birthday meal out…

What’s a ‘better’ option to go for?

^^^ A question I got last week from a new member on my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme (for which applications will open again soon for)

Now, I’m g​oing to keep this one short and ‘sweet’ 😉

I give members on my body transformation programmes 3 options here:

1* Go out, enjoy yourself, give yourself permission to eat the foods you love, don’t feel guilty, but accept it may slow your progress if you don’t consider your overall intake

2* Compensate by adjusting your intake over the week 

^^^ ​​something I teach you in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme so you can enjoy social situations, eat your cheesecake and still lose weight

Why is this so powerful?

Well, just as one new member on my body transformation programme mentioned to me last week:

“It almost makes me not want to have it”

Referring to the fact that she can give herself unconditional PERMISSION to eat ANYTHING she likes

^^^ This can be a hard one for you overcome with what they tell you about ‘bad’ foods

Whether that’s a cake, some chocolate biscuits, or some cheesey, garlic dough balls 🙂

Now, of course

You don’t have to eat chocolate biscuits and dough balls

It’s your choice

And – in fact- and my 80 / 20 rule

^^^  80% nutritious, whole foods and 20% from whatever you want

Seems to work pretty well so you don’t deprive yourself of your favourite foods, level up your energy, and ditch the baggy clothes for good!

3* Be streetwise

Look out for these words when choosing a lean protein source (which could help keep you full):

* ‘loin’, ‘roast’, ‘t-bone’, ‘tenderloin’, ‘skirt’, ‘sirloin’, ‘fish’, ‘breast’

Consider how the meal is cooked and look for:

* baked, broiled, boiled, fresh, grilled, marinated, poached, roasted, seasoned, steamed, vinaigrette

And that’s it.

If you want to find out more about my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

Reply with ‘Yes’

And I’ll send you over some more information about when it’s going to be opening up and what you need to do!

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