The truth about low calorie diets…

You’ve probably had a few BBQs and drinks / meals out with friends and family over the last few weeks, too

^^^ Especially with the recent heat wave

But being a Registered Nutritionist

I get a lot of questions and comments…

“Don’t look at the food on my plate, Matt”

“Is this healthy?”

“How do I lose weight?”

And most recently:

“I don’t want to go into starvation mode as I know you’ll store more stomach fat”

Have you ever heard that one?

Now, here’s the thing.

I’m NOT a fan of those starvation diets.

You know, those quick fix detox diets where you lose 6lbs, feel constantly hungry, think about food all day, are deprived of NUTRIENTS (like protein and vitamins), and then gain 8lbs?

Now, is this “stomach fat” gain really because

A) you went into “starvation mode”?


B) you couldn’t stick to the diet? It didn’t fit your lifestyle. Work, family, social events, BBQs, birthdays, and holidays?

Chances are, it’s B, right?

Maybe you stuck to it on Monday

But your willpower is drained by Thursday

^^^ when life takes over, work gets busy, the washing basket has overflowed and “it’s only Thursday”…

Then it’s the weekend and the rest is history

^^^ “I’ll just start again on Monday”

You see, if you look back at some of the events in the world where people have barely had access to food (refugee camps / world wars)…

Where they were literally on “starvation” diets

No one gained weight or got fat


Because they had no choice but to stick to it.

But both me and you are different.

We want to enjoy BBQs and meals out with the family, right?

Not constantly think about the foods you can’t have, right?

So that you can actually build a nutritional strategy to last, keep the weight off and enjoy your new, more fashionable wardrobe

^^^ or old clothes that you can now fit into again as one member mentioned last week

​One last thing to consider…

There IS a case for your metabolism being “broken” <<< hate that word but i don’t want to use jargon

Maybe you’ve been constantly dieting?

And if you’ve been doing this consistently and sticking to it…

It may be that you do need to eat more

^^^ members in my Body Transformation Programme often look at me puzzled when they see the TYPES and amounts of food I tell they are ALLOWED to eat

And this is a strategy I can go over with you if you’ve tried everything and failed in the past and want to get your body back once and for all

In my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

Which you can learn more about by replying with “YES”

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