What’s a ‘fad’ diet?

I’ve noticed that I’ve been ranting a lot this week.

And it’s not just because my TV screen (and radio) is full of Trump and Hilary talking about deleted emails (not mine, I hope) and taxes…

But also because by the questions I’ve had this week, you seem more confused than ever about how to lose weight and keep it off. 

I mean, what makes your diet ‘good’ or ‘bad’?

Does following the Government guidelines of lower fat, higher carb, lowish protein and swapping white bread for brown bread mean your diet is ‘good’ and that you’ll lose weight?

Well, if it means you’re losing weight and you can STICK to it, then probably, yes.

But, how long can you stick to this diet for?

^^^ Before you feel hungry and deprived…

How long can you keep up this ‘eating fat makes you fat’ stuff? 

^^^ Does this mean eating your greens makes you green?

And this demonising of fat for causing everything from heart disease to diabetes?

^^^ Which we now know isn’t really the case, as I recently explained (link at the bottom)

But there’s more…

A recent study of all studies (they looked at the results of 53 clinical trials that met a strict criteria…it’s the gold standard of research)

Showed lower carb, higher fat dieters were about 2.5 lbs lighter than lower fat, higher carb dieters 1 year later.

And I know you’re probably thinking that 2.5 lbs isn’t that much….


The average weight loss across all groups was 6 lbs at 12 months (so 2.5 lbs is actually quite a lot more, right?)

And remember this is pretty much comparing the Government guidelines (lower fat, higher carb diets) with a diet that’s been demonised for so so many years (higher fat, lower carb).

So, does this make a ‘lower-fat’ diet a fad diet?

^^^ The same diet recommended to you based on ‘evidence’….

In my opinion, no. Not at all. 

Lower fat diets DO work, depending on an individuals food preferences, lifestyle and circumstances. 


If it fits your lifestyle and you can stick to it, then it’s probably the right diet for you (as many members on my Fit For Life Body Transformation have found)

In fact, carbohydrates are generally quite filling foods for the amount of calories they give you (stopping you from raiding the snack cupboard in-between meals)

^^^ Have you ever thought ‘I could murder another jacket potato”? Probably not…

Plus, carbs can provide nutrients that help to improve your gut health (which I’ve also talked about before…link at the bottom again!)


We have to consider that if lower carb diets can be called ‘fad’ diets, can lower fat diets be called ‘fad’ diets? 

Does this mean that as a nation, we’re promoting a ‘fad’ diet to help you lose weight and tone up?

Food for thought…

But here’s what I want you to take home from this:

Lower fat, higher carb diets may work for you!

Just like like higher carb, lower fat diets may work for you

Because it all depends on the foods you enjoy, whether you like cooking, your exercise habits, how your body handles carbs and fats, and what the other half cooks for you every evening…

It’s up to you to empower yourself with the tools to take control of your nutrition and find the exact nutritional strategy that gives you more energy, helps you ditch the bloated stomach, and leaves you feeling more confident in your favourite clothes. 

Because what WE ‘know’ and preach about is all based on ‘averages’.

And although this is a great place to start.

It’s up to you to deviate from these to build a nutritional strategy that enables you to lose weight and actually keep it off (once and for all).

Which is exactly what you do on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme

So, just as your body changes shape…

Know that your diet may need to change ‘shape’ too so that you can guarantee you get that leaner and more toned look!

Right, that’s all I got for you..


PS. A member on my Fit For Life Body Transformation programme told me that their child’s school was serving ‘pizza and rice’ as a lunch option this week. 

Despite the carb load, my initial thoughts were how do these foods even go together? ‘I’ll have the pizza and rice please’, said no one ever…

PPS. Here’s the link to the ‘Is Saturated Fat Bad’ article: 


And here’s some more info on why a diet to ‘feed your gut’ may be the key to boosting your immune system and losing weight: 

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