Pocket mouse traps, 007, and why you aren’t losing weight…

You throw them up in the air, they flash, and fall back to the floor

^^^ Seemingly breaking after 3 or 4 goes!

All for €3…

And this is something I saw a lot whilst recently in Rome.

There would be loads of guys targeting the ‘vulnerable’ tourists (me) with what can only be described as ‘useless gadgets’

Which reminded me of 007 and his pocket mouse trap 

^^^ Did you ever see that one? If you put your hand in his pocket, it’ll trap your finger (which might have been useful in Rome with all the pick pocketers around…)

Or more recently…

Daniel Craig and his GPS on his mobile phone (why did no one tell him about Google maps?)

Anyway, all these ‘useless gadgets’ being sold (or not ‘sold’ in the case of the guys outside the Colosseum) 

Are just like some of these so-called weight loss diets….

You know. The ones that say stuff like:

‘Eat breakfast to boost your metabolism’

‘Eat earlier in the day as you’ll just store it all as fat if you eat before bed’

‘Drink this tea to boost your metabolism’ 

^^^ Did you know that eating a McDonalds will actually ‘boost your metabolism’, too?

“Drink 3 of these shakes per day…’as part of a balanced diet’”

‘Only eat ‘alkaline’ foods…’

You get the point….

And ‘cart before the horse’ comes to mind.

You see, all these ‘diets’ take ONE idea…

They make it ‘sound’ simple. 

Promise great things.

^^^ ‘2 weeks to a beach body’

But are missing the ONE thing that is needed for any of this ‘fluff’ to work…


Because without CONTEXT, these diet strategies become another ‘useless gadget’

I mean, drinking tea CAN help you lose weight in the context of a well-formulated diet built for you and your lifestyle. 

^^^ So that you actually do it!

Just like eating more alkaline foods may help you lose weight…

But again…

In the context of a nutritional strategy that adapts to your CHANGING needs 


As you lose FAT (not necessarily weight)…your diet changes so you can keep it off and break through those stubborn periods where the fat just lingers and won’t shift!!!

But there’s one thing I do like about these ‘useless’ diet gadgets…

They make things SIMPLE.

Which is exactly what I aim to do…

So you don’t become overwhelmed, do nothing, and stay exactly where you are now. 


Wondering what and how to eat to lose fat

^^^ As I was before I actually starting ‘keeping score’ (after all, how do you know if you’re winning if you’re not keeping score?)

Because in reality, not much has actually changed. 

Even since the Romans in 81 AD (It turns out that I was listening in Rome).

Apparently, their diet consisted of a variety of meats, fish and plants…

And they even had ‘wine tokens’ in the Colosseum to avoid ‘troublesome drunkenness’ 

^^^ Sophisticated, right (and – once again – showing that moderation is key)?

So, keep it SIMPLE!

Eat your protein (acid foods, believe it or not), get your plants (alkaline foods), eat some cake so you’re not craving, binging and piling the weight back on, and drink your wine!

Just make sure you’re within your ‘token allowance’ that I teach you in my body transformation programme.

^^^ Because only then can you know how YOU (not Jane, Beyonce, or Ms Celebrity Slim) respond to certain amounts and types of food so you can adapt your diet to lose FAT from the waistline (and not just weight…)

And today. 

At 5pm. 

Is your last chance to apply for the trial starting next week.

Go here to apply: 



PS. This programme isn’t for everyone. You have to do the work, keep score, and give me feedback or I simply cannot help you (I’m not a palm reader).

PPS. I’m on BBC Wiltshire today between 2pm and 4pm speaking about – you guessed it – food and nutrition!

Here’s the link again for the free trial: https://frucifit.com/free7daytrial/

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