Sniffing out the BS…

She’ll have a good sniff…

And from time to time

If she finds the right one

She’ll roll around in it

And even eat it.

But what if Dora (my black lab) is on to something here?

By ‘selectively’ choosing (a bit like the ‘chosen by you’ Asda range) the ‘poop’ that she wants to roll around in and eat?

I mean, most of the time she’ll sniff and move on.

But occasionally…

She hits the jackpot and goes crazy.

Rolls around in it.

Eats it.

Tucks her tail inbetween her bum and sprints around like a headless chicken

^^^ A bit like us when we lose 2 lbs…

But recent research would suggest that Dora is actually ‘selecting’ the ‘good’ bacteria that her gut needs…

Almost like me or you taking a probiotic or eating certain vegetables that grow a particular strain of ‘good’ bacteria we need to:

* Fight off a cold so we can be more like ourselves again

* Better digest food so we feel less bloated

* And maybe even help us feel more full and lose weight???

And perhaps selecting the ‘good’ bacteria that we need is the future of medicine.

Or even…

The future of losing weight and getting that lean body…

And it’s definitely where diets are heading.

I mean, there’s a lot of BS out there.

^^^ The type of stuff that Dora probably wouldn’t even sniff…

But how do you know what’s BS?

Well, follow this 4-point criteria:

1) Can you see yourself doing this stuff in 3 months, 6 months or even 12 months?


Is the diet ‘chosen by you’ (as ASDA would say)

Or is it just another one of those cookie cutter diets?

2) Have you had success from trialling the methods that the ‘diet’ gives you for free?

Things like blogs, ebooks, and videos…

Have you applied any of this stuff?

If yes, did you find that you had more energy, overcome your cravings, lost a few pounds, and better fit your clothes?

3) Is there any evidence?

Is it based on science or ‘fluff’?

Are there any testimonials?

Who has it worked for?

^^^ and are these people like you?






4) Do they have a guarantee?

Can they 100% guarantee that you WILL get results if you DO 100% of the work?

If they can’t, should they even be doing what they’re doing?

And it’s why I put a 100% guarantee on my Body Transformation Programme.

If you do 100% of the work…

I guarantee you’ll be closer to your leaner and more toned body…or I’ll give you your money back.

Because I simply don’t deserve it…

So, I guess it’s me taking the risk here…

Want to know what the Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme is all about?


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